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Truck Driver Fatigue in Georgia


While commercial vehicles play a key role in interstate commerce across the U.S., they also pose a very real risk of injury to other road users. Unfortunately, collisions between these kinds of large vehicles and other standard-sized passenger cars are occurring at an increasing rate in Georgia. While there are a number of different causes for these crashes, more and more are being attributed to  problems like truck driver fatigue.

How Common is Drowsy Driving? 

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), as many as 13 percent of truck accidents are the result of truck driver fatigue. The problem of drowsy driving may be even more pervasive than this alarming statistic reveals. For instance, in some surveys, more than 65 percent of truck drivers reported driving while drowsy or fatigued and around 50 percent admitted that they have actually fallen asleep at the wheel. These statistics would be frightening in any population group, but are especially distressing among truck drivers, who are tasked with safely maneuvering vehicles that often weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Any loss of attention while operating such a large vehicle could result in a collision and devastating injuries.

Truck Driver Regulations 

Because the risks of driving while fatigued are so dangerous, especially for truck drivers, trucking companies are specifically required by federal law to ensure that their drivers comply with strict hours of service rules. For instance, under these regulations, drivers must adhere to an eleven hour driving limit, which means that they can drive for a maximum of eleven hours after ten consecutive hours off-duty. Truck drivers are also required to take a 30 minute break when they have driven for eight cumulative hours. Unfortunately, despite the existence of these regulations, many truck drivers are still pushed by their employers to violate hours of service rules, with deadly repercussions.

Signs of Truck Driver Fatigue 

Because many truck drivers continue to violate federal regulations regarding hours of service rules, it’s important for other road users to be aware of the signs of truck driver fatigue, which can include:

  • Unpredictable acceleration or braking;
  • Difficulty remaining in their own lane;
  • Swerving;
  • Tailgating; and
  • Stopping for too long at traffic signals and yield signs.

If you recognize any of these signs of truck driver fatigue, be sure to keep your distance from the vehicle in question and if necessary, alert law enforcement or call the phone number on the rear of the truck to report the driver’s actions to his or her employer.

Call Shiver Hamilton Campbell Today 

Truck accident cases often end up being complex, requiring a thorough understanding of the federal and state regulations that apply to commercial trucking companies. If you suspect that a drowsy driver was the cause of your truck accident, you shouldn’t try to take on the trucking company on your own. Instead, consider calling Shiver Hamilton Campbell at 404-593-0020 and setting up a meeting with one of our dedicated and compassionate Atlanta truck accident attorneys today.




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