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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Filing a Truck Accident Claim


The steps that you take (and don’t take) after a truck accident can have important implications for the outcome of an eventual legal claim. To help you avoid losing out on the compensation that you deserve, we’ve included a list of some of the most common mistakes we see during the truck accident claim filing process.

Failing to Get Medical Attention

 The first step you should take after being involved in a truck accident is to seek medical attention. This is true even for those who don’t think that they have sustained a serious injury, as many symptoms are masked by adrenaline or don’t show up immediately (i.e. whiplash and internal bleeding). Ignoring or even delaying medical treatment can put your own health at risk, but can also weaken your accident claim. This is because insurers are a lot less likely to approve a claim for compensation when the claimant sought medical care days or weeks after the accident in question. Even when the claimant was indeed injured, the insurer could argue that the injuries aren’t actually related to the accident, or aren’t as severe as is being claimed. To avoid this, be sure to see a doctor right away. This ensures rapid treatment and documentation of your injuries.

Failing to Gather Evidence at the Scene

 If you are able to do so safely, you should be sure to gather evidence at your accident scene. This includes:

  • Taking photos of the damage to your vehicle, any visible injuries, and the surrounding area;
  • Collecting insurance details from the truck driver;
  • Obtaining contact information from witnesses; and
  • Taking note of any security or traffic cameras nearby.

Without evidence, an accident victim won’t be able to establish that a truck driver’s negligence caused or contributed to his or crash. Fortunately, even when an accident victim is unable to collect such information, the police officers who respond to the scene of the crash will create an accident report that includes the names of the parties involved, the names of any witnesses, and a brief description of the crash.

Accepting the First Settlement Offer 

Insurance companies are notorious for trying to settle their claims as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Often, they achieve this by offering unfairly low settlements, knowing that many accident victims are so strapped for cash, or so unfamiliar with the claim filing and legal process that they will accept the first offer they receive. Taking this step can, however, be a big mistake, as it is not uncommon for initial offers to be barely enough to cover a victim’s medical bills and other losses. It is critical for injured parties to have a full understanding of the extent of their injuries and how they will affect their life going forward  before agreeing to any settlements.

Call Today to Start Working with an Experienced Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer 

One of the best ways you can avoid making these kinds of costly mistakes when filing your own truck accident claim, is to work with a skilled legal representative, who is familiar with navigating Georgia’s complex legal system. Call Shiver Hamilton Campbell at 404-593-0020 to set up a consultation with one of our dedicated Atlanta truck accident lawyers today.




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