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Atlanta Parking Lot Accident Lawyers

A fair number of car accidents happen in parking lots. These occur at low speeds compared to highway traffic accidents, but even a low-speed impact can be sufficient to cause serious injuries and result in significant damage to the involved vehicles. Brain damage, whiplash, and severe spinal cord damage often occur as a result of these types of wrecks, and in many cases, parking lot negligence can change a crash victim’s entire life forever.

If you believe your injury occurred due to the negligent actions of another person, you should consider contacting an Atlanta parking lot accident lawyer to help formulate and execute upon a legal strategy for pursuing appropriate compensation. In the process, a skilled car accident attorney could help you identify liable parties, take stock of your damages, and make a case for the maximum recovery in your case.

Defining Negligence and Blame for a Parking Lot Crash

Depending on the circumstances, parking lot collisions can be more complex than crashes on the road. This is because there are many aspects to be evaluated that may not come up in a different type of crash, such as the liability of the owner of the parking lot. For example, a parking lot owner may be liable for a wreck if the mishap stemmed from insufficient lighting or signage, flawed road surfaces, damaged striping, or any other such factor that falls under the owner’s control and responsibility.

The comparative negligence of each driver involved may also be a factor. In parking lot crashes, each of the drivers may attempt to blame the other for the accident. Strong legal representation from a steadfast Atlanta parking lot accident attorney could be key when it comes to seeking damages from someone accusing you of being the negligent party instead of themselves.

How the Law Addresses Parking Lot Accident Cases in Atlanta

Federal, state, and local laws assign certain responsibilities to and require certain actions of parking lot owners. There may be certain variations in the laws based on the locality, but the basic underlying facts typically remain unchanged.

Premises liability is the category of civil law under which plaintiffs usually file parking lot accident cases in Georgia. This area of law comes into play when a property owner fails to adequately maintain and ensure the safety of the property—or in this case, the parking lot. According to Georgia state law, property owners need to ensure the safety of guests on their land and ensure that authorized visitors are not at any unreasonable risk of harm.

Accident victims are often entitled to legally claim compensation for damages or injury they suffer due to the negligence of a business enterprise or a property owner. These damages can encompass medical costs, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering.

Should the Police Be Called?

Informing the police about a parking lot incident can be helpful in terms of putting it on record that such an accident took place. This can come in handy when trying to claim insurance benefits, as a lot of companies will not honor a claim without a police report. By reporting the issue, those involved in a crash can also guard against being criminally charged for leaving the scene of an accident.

However, it should be noted that police officers do not always respond to parking lot accidents depending on the circumstances. For advice about what to do in a specific situation, get in touch with a parking lot accident lawyer in Atlanta.

Contact an Atlanta Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Considering the intricacies of law sometimes involved in civil cases based on parking lot accidents, the services of a skilled and sagacious Atlanta parking lot accident lawyer could be crucial to your future prospects. If retained, your attorney could objectively examine and assess all the circumstances and facts of your case and determine how best to hold the responsible party legally accountable for their negligence.

At the same time, we could help ensure that you do not face an unfair share of the blame in an accident that was not your fault. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call today.

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