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Atlanta Dump Truck Accident Lawyers

Dump trucks can be found throughout the city of Atlanta and surrounding communities. Due to their size and common occurrence all over the city, a collision with a dump truck is common. The injuries you could potentially sustain from a wreck could leave you seriously hurt. For help with filing a compensation claim, reach out to a credible truck accident attorney today. An Atlanta dump truck accident lawyer could help you prepare a claim.

Common Causes of Dump Truck Wrecks

There are several common causes of dump truck accidents. Dump trucks are large, heavy trucks that do not maneuver and operate the same way smaller passenger cars do. They may have larger blind spots and other difficulties that an attentive operator must account for. Additionally, there may be time delivery pressures on the operator that could cause them to drive too fast for the given conditions. As with all vehicles, distracted driving caused by an operator using a handheld mobile device also creates an increasing challenge and risk.

Perhaps one of the most common dump truck accidents involves a load or part of a load falling off the truck. These trucks often carry a variety of materials and, if not properly covered, loaded, and accounted for, can cause instability to the truck which creates a potential for items such as rocks to fall off the truck and cause traffic accidents. A person who has sustained injuries as a result of these common causes should consult with an Atlanta dump truck accident lawyer today.

Damages in a Dump Truck Accident in Atlanta

People can seek economic and noneconomic damages for dump truck accidents in Atlanta. Georgia law recognizes a broad set of damages that are recoverable, depending on the facts of the case. Special or economic damages may include medical expenses for the past and future. Services such as therapy, home modification, home care, and therapeutic devices may also be necessary. These damages may also include lost wages and lost capacity to earn future wages.

Separate from that, damages include a broad category of past, present, and future pain and suffering. This is the measure of the value of intangible losses that account for the diminished quality of life caused by the accident. Georgia trusts juries to evaluate these things and come up with fair and reasonable compensation. That right is guaranteed our citizens by the Seventh Amendment.

How Does a Dump Truck Accident Case Change Based on what the Truck is Transporting?

What a truck is transporting can have a significant impact on a dump truck accident case. While dump trucks are present throughout the city, they are particularly common near construction sites. As the economy in the Metro Atlanta community continues to grow, an increasing number of these trucks are on the road for traditional construction projects and road work projects. Dump trucks bring sand, gravel, and other materials that are integral to these projects but can cause additional dangers to motorists.

The stability of the truck can also be affected by the type of load and how it is distributed on the truck. That could affect the kind of impact that occurs. Since the load has a significant effect on the weight of the truck, the mass of the truck when loaded may have a significant impact on the amount of energy involved in a crash and the forces potentially imparted to a motorist struck by a dump truck. Essentially this means that the heavier the load, the more destruction a crash can cause.

Considerations to be Taken by an Insurance Adjuster

As with any crash, the insurance adjuster must consider many important factors. Generally, they must gather and evaluate the physical evidence from the vehicles and roadway. Insurance companies and their experts, attorneys, and adjusters routinely act quickly to gather the evidence and shape things in their favor, if possible. They identify eyewitnesses and obtain reports of what they may have seen.

It is imperative in serious cases involving dump trucks that the injured person has an Atlanta dump truck accident lawyer who can gather, preserve, and analyze all the relevant evidence to assess and prove fault for the crash.

Contacting a Atlanta Dump Truck Accident Lawyer

Dump truck accidents happen very frequently in Atlanta. However, the injuries as a result of these collisions are fairly common as well. By retaining the services of an Atlanta dump truck accident lawyer, you give yourself the opportunity to construct a strong personal injury claim. An attorney can take on some of the more stressful legal matters while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

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