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Atlanta Bad Weather Car Accident Lawyers

Bad weather can quickly make a safe road hazardous. Even if you are taking the proper precautions, another driver may not be and can easily spiral out of control and crash into you. If you are injured in a car accident caused by inclement weather, it is important to understand your rights.

An Atlanta bad weather car accident lawyer could help you understand your rights and options. With the help of a practiced car accident attorney, you can make the decisions that make the most sense for your unique circumstances.

How Bad Weather Impacts Car Accidents Happen

Atlanta roads are susceptible to the effects of bad weather because they are generally impervious surfaces that accumulate precipitation. When water accumulates on the road and freezes, the roads become very slippery, making it difficult for drivers to control their vehicles. Especially in Atlanta, drivers and the government are not accustomed to dealing with ice, so when ice forms, they do not know how to proceed safely in the conditions.

This makes it extremely important to take time to understand how to prevent accidents in these conditions. The most obvious way to prevent these accidents is to not drive when conditions are poor. However, if a driver must be out in inclement weather it is important to drive slowly and cautiously and to remain attentive to what is going on.

Even if a driver is taking the proper precautions, accidents can still occur. Some of the warning signs a driver might have before a weather-related accident occurs are poor visibility, a feeling of losing control, or skidding or hydroplaning.

Bringing a Claim for an Inclement Weather Crash

After being involved in an accident triggered by poor weather in Atlanta, a person should check to see if they are injured, if anyone in other vehicles involved is injured, or if anyone in their car is injured. If so, they should immediately call 9-1-1 and ask for an ambulance. If possible, taking photographs, looking for witnesses, collecting the names and numbers of any witnesses, and calling the police are also important steps that could be beneficial to a future claim.

If the accident was caused by another party, the injured driver may be able to bring a claim. The recoverable damages that may be claimed by a person involved in a dangerous weather accident in Atlanta vary but often include payments for personal injury damage such as medical bills to treat injuries caused by the wreck, pain and suffering, permanent limitations, interference with normal activities, lost wages, and other associated items. A seasoned attorney could help one filing a claim following a bad weather car wreck.

How Dangerous Weather Impacts Fault in Atlanta

Dangerous weather could impact the assignment of fault in a car accident in Atlanta in several ways. Generally, if it is icy or rainy, even if someone is at fault, they may try to blame the weather or the conditions rather than accept responsibility. However, evidence could be used to prove that weather conditions were the cause of the car accident after the condition has subsided including witness statements, photographs, police reports, and other types of evidence at the scene, such as property damage and skid marks.

It is important to note that this is only an option if there was another vehicle involved. If there is not another car involved, it is going to be difficult to recover compensation because a person generally cannot make an insurance claim in a one-car wreck for an injury if it was not another person’s fault. This makes it crucial to consult a skilled Atlanta bad weather car accident lawyer who could help evaluate the circumstances surrounding the crash to explain fault.

Learn How an Atlanta Bad Weather Car Accident Lawyer Could Help

An Atlanta bad weather car accident lawyer could help you following an accident due to poor weather conditions by handling the collection of evidence and analyzing it to determine whether the crash was due to the weather or another person’s negligence. If it was due to another person’s negligence, an attorney could help craft a comprehensive claim for the compensation you need and deserve. To learn more, call today.

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