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Atlanta Rear End Collision Lawyers

A rear-end collision occurs when someone follows too closely to the vehicle in front of them. If they do not leave enough space between the front of their bumper and the back bumper of the vehicle in front of them, they can cause a collision. If you have sustained injuries from this type of accident, get in contact with a well-versed car accident attorney. An Atlanta rear end collision lawyer will fight tirelessly to see that you are awarded the compensation you deserve.

Common Fact Patterns

Rear end collisions most commonly happen when someone is in stop-and-go traffic and gets distracted. They may be looking at a phone and not pay attention to the car in front of them which can result in a collision.

Tailgating, which when a driver is going too fast and follows the car ahead too closely, is also responsible for many rear-end collisions. The car in front may stop suddenly and the driver behind may be unable to stop in time and hits them. This scenario frequently happens on freeways, on busy highways, in stop-and-go traffic, and in an intersection with traffic.

Things to Know

One thing to know about car accident cases in Atlanta is that if the person’s injuries are significant, they should contact an Atlanta rear end collision lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney cannot make someone better or bring back a loved one. However, they can immediately gather evidence and put together the facts leading up to the car accident so the injured person can focus on their recovery.

Methods of a Lawyer

An Atlanta rear end collision lawyer can use the statements of the at-fault party to establish liability in a rear-end collision case. Sometimes, the at-fault party admits they were at fault, did not pay attention, or drove too fast, and caused the collision. A lawyer can help identify and locate witnesses, take witness statements, and take witness testimonies under oath.

Lawyers hire accident reconstructionists, biomechanical experts, or engineers to reconstruct evidence of marks on the roadway, physical debris, and damage to the vehicles. They recreate the circumstances leading up to the crash and determine how it occurred. Lawyers also can use different methods including contacting the law enforcement officers who responded to the scene to do an analysis to determine what led to the crash.

Hire an Atlanta Rear End Collision Attorney

An attorney identifies the appropriate insurance companies and puts them on notice. When a car accident involving a tractor-trailer or a commercial vehicle occurs, the evidence must be preserved. For example, some tractor trailers have onboard data recorders that write over themselves, which means the data can be lost if it is not preserved shortly after a crash.

An Atlanta rear end collision lawyer must get involved early to hire experts to retrieve or download data from the data recorders on commercial vehicles or tractor trailers. Memories also tend to fade over time so attorneys must secure witnesses and get recorded statements from them shortly after a wreck happens when their memories of the wreck are still fresh. Contact an attorney today to get started on building a civil case.

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