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Atlanta Rollover Truck Accident Lawyers

Rollover truck accidents can lead to serious and sometimes even fatal injuries. There are certain measures you can take to avoid a rollover accident, such as checking for tire-wear or making sure your cargo load is evenly distributed. However, in some cases, accidents are unavoidable.

If you have suffered injuries from a rollover tuck wreck, it may be in your best interest to reach out to a dedicated truck wreck attorney. Get in contact with an Atlanta rollover truck accident lawyer to see if your claim is eligible for compensation.

Common Fact Patterns in Rollover Scenarios

A car or truck rollover accident involves a combination of factors including the vehicle’s structure and design as well as the mode of impact. For example, when a motorist is struck in the side or at an angle that puts the vehicle into a rapid clockwise or counterclockwise motion, that could cause the vehicle to lose its side-to-side stability and initiate a rollover.

The wider the wheelbase of the vehicle and the lower the center of gravity, the less prone the vehicle is to roll over. One factor could be tire-failure, which may involve product liability claims and should be thoroughly investigated. Also, large heavy trucks with their enormous size compared to the average passenger vehicle may cause smaller vehicles to lose control and roll over.

There are important dynamics to understand involving the incredible mass difference between a commercial vehicle such as an 18-wheeler versus the average passenger vehicle, light truck, or SUV. The passengers of the smaller vehicle are subjected to significant forces of acceleration and deceleration that have the potential to produce serious injury. A well-connected Atlanta rollover truck accident lawyer could reach out to expert witnesses who could further explain these concepts to a jury.

Correlation Between Cargo Load and Rollover Accidents

Proper cargo loading includes the amount and weight of the load and how it is configured and distributed within the trailer of the heavy truck. The load has a significant effect on the stopping time and distance, and the stability of the vehicle, especially at higher speeds or when the truck needs to make evasive or sudden maneuvers. A person interested in filing a claim should get in contact with an Atlanta rollover truck accident lawyer to see if their claim is eligible for compensation.

Potential Risks for Injuries & Damages

When a passenger vehicle rolls over, a significant factor is the performance of the roof structure. Vehicles with weak roof structures are known to be hazardous and defective and have been for decades. There are many passenger vehicles on the road where the roof structure collapses, which could result in devastating spinal cord injuries, as well as head, neck, and spine injuries to the occupants, even when they have their seat belts on and do everything they should be doing.

Rollover accidents have the risk of leaving the roadway and loss of control of the vehicle. That is true of the commercial motor vehicle that rolls or tips and the passenger vehicles experiencing the same event. The potential for injury and damages and the complex fact patterns are important to understanding. Rollover crashes are more difficult to understand than a typical vehicle accident because of the dynamics and reconstruction of the rollover event. When a crash involves leaving the roadway, particularly when there are steeper grades, the driver is largely out of control.

Safety Tips to Avoid an Accident

The choice of vehicle type should be considered because of the physics involved in a rollover accident. The wider and lower center of gravity vehicles usually provides better protection. One should take into account the roof strength and body strength of a vehicle.

Newer model vehicles have some form of electronic stability control using computer software that allows the vehicle to self-correct if the vehicle senses that steering inputs are leading the vehicle into a dangerous position for potential rollover. When someone is on the road, they should always be vigilant and give wide berth to commercial vehicles.

Importance of Hiring an Atlanta Rollover Truck Accident Lawyer

The elements of a rollover accident may require the assistance of an Atlanta rollover truck accident lawyer. An attorney could provide you with valuable assistance which could prove to be a vital factor in your injury claim. An attorney could relieve some of the stress that comes with seeking compensation and could let you focus on recovering from an injury. Do not hesitate. Call an experienced injury attorney today.

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