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Atlanta Major Road Car Accident Lawyers

Accidents that occur on major roadways such as I-75 and I-85 are often the most serious. Between stop and go traffic and high speeds, collisions on these roads can result in serious damage. However, when these crashes are caused by negligent parties, you have rights. If you or a loved one were injured in a crash on a major road caused by another driver, an Atlanta major road car accident lawyer could help.

An experienced Atlanta major road car accident lawyer could help guide you through the process of filing a claim for your injuries. This can help you recover the compensation you need to offset the costs you incurred as a result of the crash.

Major Roadway Crashes in the Atlanta Area

The most common major roadways in Atlanta are I-75 and I-85, which go up the backbone of the city. There are also I-285, which goes around the city, and I-20 and I-16 that cut through the city. In general, car accidents that take place on these roadways are often much more severe than accidents on lower-speed streets. Therefore, it is essential for car crash victims to seek medical attention as soon as possible and then reach out to a dedicated Atlanta major road accident lawyer.

Stop and Go Traffic Wrecks

The most common car accidents that take place on Atlanta’s I-75 and I-85 are rear-end collisions because of the stop and go traffic. Drivers who are distracted or inattentive can rear-end other vehicles, sometimes causing very slight damage and other times causing catastrophic damage and injuries.

High-Speed Accidents

The higher speed limits on these roads can also result in higher impact crashes. The higher the impact of a crash, the greater the amount of damage. Often, collisions at high speeds can result in debilitating injuries and high medical bills.

Commercial Traffic Collisions

Finally, these roads also see a lot more traffic than less major roadways. Specifically, trucks and other commercial vehicles often travel on major highways while moving through the state. When these vehicles are in collisions, the results are often catastrophic.

What to Do After a Major Roadway Car Wreck

When someone is involved in an accident on a major roadway, the first step they should take is to make sure that they are okay and then determine whether they need medical treatment. If so, they should immediately call an ambulance. After that, they should call the police so that law enforcement could create a report, get witness statements, names of any witnesses, and photographs of the accident scene.

As soon as practically possible, it is also important to call an Atlanta major road car accident lawyer. Insurance companies will begin investigating the claims and will want to take statements from those involved. Anything a person says that an insurance company can interpret as an admission of fault may be used as an excuse to not pay a claim. An attorney could help a person prepare to speak with insurance companies in a way that can give their claim the best chance of success.

Reach Out to an Atlanta Major Road Car Accident Lawyer

Since the damage in accidents on major roadways tends to be severe, the claims process for these crashes tends to be complex. This makes it important to work with an experienced Atlanta major road car accident lawyer who could help you navigate the process. To learn more about how an attorney could help, call today.

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