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Atlanta Fatal Car Accident Lawyers

Whenever a person or entity’s negligence causes a fatal car accident, the survivors could file a wrongful death claim in the state of Georgia. If your loved one has passed away due to a motor vehicle incident, it may be worth it to look into filing a wrongful death claim with the help of an Atlanta fatal car accident lawyer.

A death due to a car accident does not have to be immediate. In Georgia, when the death is proximately caused due to the incident, the survivors could pursue a claim. If a person suffers injuries that lead to their passing later, their family could have a viable a wrongful death claim. You could enlist the services of an experienced wrongful death attorney who could promptly investigate the possibility, and fight tirelessly for your case.

Common Areas for Car Accidents

Fatal car accidents could occur anywhere in Atlanta but intersections and interstates may be the most common areas. Vehicles traveling along interstates may be moving at higher rates of speed and intersections have vehicles that are crossing, traffic signals, and yield signs that people sometimes fail to obey.

A common fact pattern in a wrongful death motor vehicle accident could be that the at-fault party failed to adhere to a rule of the road which led to a motor vehicle wreck and the death of the individual. The specific details may vary from case to case, and an Atlanta fatal car accident lawyer may be experienced enough to know the process for which to proceed in the case.

Failing to Adhere to Road Rules

Even if the at-fault driver was not criminally charged or cited in any way, if they failed to adhere to a rule of the road or any other law, they were acting illegally. If they plead guilty to a citation or a governmental entity charges them with a violation, that may be evidence that could help prosecute a wrongful death claim. It is further evidence that the at-fault individual failed to act as they could have and the failure was the proximate cause of death.

How an Atlanta Fatal Car Accident Lawyer Can Initiate a Claim

The steps that the surviving legal representative could take to initiate a wrongful death case are two-fold. If the person who passed away does not have a will, someone may need to preserve and pursue the claim. If an individual was not married at their time of death but has surviving children, the children may bring the claim. When there is no spouse and there are no children, the parents may bring a claim.

Following the death of an individual, the surviving relative could promptly reach out to experienced Atlanta fatal car accident lawyer who could identify the pertinent issues and capture the relevant data and information as quickly as possible. The information related to the incident may be lost if not acted upon quickly. The individuals who have those claims could act quickly to get counsel involved to investigate the claim and preserve evidence. Contact a caring wrongful death attorney today for a free consultation.

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