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Atlanta Failure to Yield Accident Lawyers

Failure to yield accidents commonly happen when someone has the right of way is turning left and is distracted. They may fail to see the car coming and they turn left in front of it causing an accident. This is especially common in motorcycle accidents. Drivers tend to fail to notice motorcycles, even though motorcycles lights that automatically turn on when the ignition is ignited. The motorcyclist may even be wearing brightly colored, reflective clothing. Still, the driver may fail to see the motorcycle approaching and hit them which can cause serious injury or death.

Victims of a yield accident should always consult with an Atlanta failure to yield accident lawyer for help with filing a compensation claim. A decisive car accident attorney could put their experience and dedication to see that victims are awarded the compensation they deserve.

Failing to Yield

The driver of a vehicle intending to turn to the left in an intersection should yield the right of way to any vehicle approaching from the opposite direction. When a vehicle approaches from the opposing lane and is close enough that the other driver cannot turn and clear the intersection safely, they must yield to the vehicle with the right of way. When they fail to do so it is considered a failure to yield.

Common Patterns

Common causes of car accidents in Atlanta are people not paying attention, texting, drinking and driving, looking down, and being distracted. Atlanta has a significant amount of stop-and-go traffic. Someone stopped in traffic may be tempted to look at their phone. When that becomes a habit, they look down instead of paying attention and can hit somebody from behind.

Numerous drivers also run red lights, causing T-bone crashes. Many left-turn crashes happen when someone fails to yield to an oncoming car, makes a left turn, and the oncoming car strikes them resulting in injuries. An Atlanta failure to yield accident lawyer could help you file a claim today.

Treatment by Insurance Companies

Insurance companies tend to try to shift the blame for a failure to yield accidents. They may try to suggest that the driver with the right of way was speeding or did not use their turn signal, which would make them at fault. When dealing with insurance, do not do it alone. Retain the services of an Atlanta failure to yield accident lawyer for advice and assistance.

Identifying and Investigating a Case

Identifying fault in a failure to yield case can be complicated when there is proof that the vehicle with the right of way exceeded the speed limit. It can provide an opportunity for the jury to assign fault to the driver of the vehicle with the right of way. If a jury determines the person with the right of way is equally at fault as the driver who failed to yield, the person with the right of way cannot recover compensation according to Georgia’s contributory negligence law.

When investigating a failure to yield case, an Atlanta failure to yield accident lawyer goes to the scene to look for evidence of skid marks or a significant collision. Sometimes, the type of damage to the vehicles can shed light on what led to a collision. Witness statements are the most important piece of evidence. An attorney can find and secure witnesses to take statements to determine what they observed when the accident happened. A lawyer may also create an accident reconstruction to determine fault and better understand the circumstances that lead to the accident.

Ask for More Information from an Atlanta Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer

You might not know how to begin constructing a lawsuit after being hit by a driver who disobeyed the rules of the road. An Atlanta failure to yield accident lawyer could be a valuable resources in that regard. Call one today.

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