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Atlanta Fatal Truck Accident Lawyer

When dealing with fatal accidents involving trucks and tractor-trailers, a whole different analysis of a wrongful death case may be undertaken by an Atlanta fatal truck accident lawyer. While the circumstances may be similar to any incident that occurs on an interstate or at an intersection, whenever a tractor-trailer is involved, additional requirements may need to be satisfied because the trucking industry is so highly regulated.

A dedicated truck accident attorney could help fight for your case and what you may be owed. Contact a lawyer today for a free consultation.

Training of Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are held to the standard of a professional driver with professional training. Although the circumstances of the incident may be the same, the avenues for establishing liability could be different in a case involving a tractor-trailer.

The issues may not be related to the actions taken on the interstate or in the intersection but were taken leading up to the accident. For example, the driver may not have had adequate rest or failed to properly document and log their trip. Many additional factors could be analyzed when truck accidents occur to assess liability and investigate the case.

Corporate Association’s Role in Fatal Truck Accidents

The corporate association of most trucks on the roads may change the way wrongful death cases involving these trucks are handled. One way it may affect the case is through the legal parameters. There is an extensive set of rules that apply to commercial drivers in Georgia, and are also required of truck drivers such as yielding and traveling at a responsible speed.

A knowledgeable Atlanta fatal truck accident lawyer may be familiar with the rules and may be able to establish liability against a trucking company by verifying whether these rules were followed. Federal regulations impose a variety of requirements on a motor carrier related to the hiring and the training of the driver and the maintenance of the vehicle. These requirements could be assessed in any case involving tractor-trailers.

Damage Cap for Fatal Truck Accidents in Atlanta

There are no damage caps for truck accident fatalities in Atlanta. A trucking company, in some cases, may have limits on insurance. The federal requirements are that a truck driver or trucking company needs to have only $750,000 of insurance. The amount that one could be able to recover may be capped due to the limits of insurance or lack of assets.

Difference Between Professional Drivers and Commercial Drivers

When an individual is not a professional driver, an Atlanta fatal truck accident lawyer could stress the fact that only one of the individuals was a professional driver and only one of them was aware of and held to the commercial driver’s manual and employment regulations.

If the plaintiff is also a commercial driver, the lawyer may take that into consideration when crafting the case. There may still be avenues available to establish liability, but the lawyer may consider the fact that the plaintiff is a commercial driver when crafting theories of liability and cross-examining the at-fault commercial driver.

Contacting an Atlanta Fatal Truck Accident Lawyer

Enduring the pain and tragedy of a fatal vehicular accident can be stressful. A caring Atlanta fatal truck accident lawyer could work to build your personal injury claim. Let a skilled attorney recover potential damages for your loss.

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