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Atlanta Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

All injuries can have lasting impacts on an individual’s life, but catastrophic injuries have especially devasting effects. A catastrophic injury may leave the victim with an inability to work, an inability to perform their previous daily activities, and an inability to maintain their previous quality of life.

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury, you may face expensive medical bills, rehabilitation, and other medical costs. These challenges may seem insurmountable, especially during a time you should be focusing on recovery. An experienced Atlanta catastrophic injury lawyer could help you fight for the compensation you need. Lawyers understand the unique aspects of Atlanta catastrophic injuries and could advocate on your behalf.

Aspects of Catastrophic Injuries

Anyone suffering from an injury may need to cope with serious consequences, but there are unique aspects of Atlanta catastrophic injuries in terms of magnitude. Often, catastrophic injuries will be longer-lasting and require more medical care. This usually means that catastrophic injuries will be more expensive than other injuries.

In addition to higher medical bills, there may be long-term rehabilitation costs. Rehabilitation costs could include:

  • In-patient rehabilitation facilities
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Home rehabilitation

In terms of the nature of the damages, the victim may have to endure future surgeries based on the type of injury. For example, if someone sustains a burn, they may have initial surgeries such as skin grafts which result in scars that require scar revision surgery in the future. In that case, the individual would need a plan to determine how to treat those injuries over time.

Additionally, someone suffering from a catastrophic injury may have a lower quality of life than they previously enjoyed. It could impact their ability to work and their ability to engage in meaningful personal relationships with family or friends. Based on their inability to work, that person could also suffer lower wages over time. If it causes a permanent disability, the individual must adapt to a complete inability to work and find a way to support themselves financially.

Communicating with an Attorney During Recovery

It is not uncommon for someone who suffered a catastrophic injury to need to consult an attorney while incapacitated. The person who suffered the injury may be in the hospital, stuck at home, or otherwise limited because of that injury. In that case, there are several ways the individual can speak with an attorney. Often, attorneys will provide consultations over the phone to accommodate someone who is unable to move or who cannot leave the hospital.

An attorney may also handle contact over e-mail, which can help someone with an inability to move or travel. Finally, a catastrophic injury lawyer could go to a victim’s home or wherever they are at a particular time. That way it does not burden someone who is trying to recover from a catastrophic injury by forcing them to move.

Speak with a Atlanta Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Today

After someone suffered a catastrophic injury, their first concern should be their recovery. Their second concern should be to understand how the injury occurred and whether their injury was the result of another person’s actions or negligence.

Finally, they should seek an experienced attorney who understands the unique aspects of Atlanta catastrophic injuries and how to approach these cases. Seasoned attorneys have the knowledge and skills needed to fight on your behalf for compensation.

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