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Distracted Driving Accidents


April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

By Shiver Hamilton Campbell |

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, so in cities across the state of Georgia, drivers are being encouraged to keep their eyes on the road and off of their devices.  As a part of this campaign, there will be an increased law enforcement presence on U.S. roadways, with officers ticketing and fining drivers found… Read More »

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Cell Phone Use Remains Top Factor in Distracted Driving Accidents

By Shiver Hamilton Campbell |

While there are a lot of different distractions that can affect our ability to drive safely and avoid being the cause of a car crash, safety experts contend that cell phone use behind the wheel remains perhaps the most dangerous. In fact, in a recent report released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety… Read More »

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Georgia Ranks 6th for Most Distracted Driving Accidents in U.S.

By Shiver Hamilton Campbell |

Distractions tend to creep into most aspects of our daily lives. While this can be a drain on time and energy in most scenarios, such distractions can actually prove very dangerous when they occur while someone is behind the wheel. Despite efforts by lawmakers and safety experts in recent years, distracted driving continues to… Read More »

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