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What are the Most Common Types of Truck Accidents in Georgia?


Truck accidents have become an increasingly serious problem on U.S. roadways, causing catastrophic and sometimes deadly injuries and devastating property damage. While all truck accidents are different, they do tend to fall under certain categories, including jackknife accidents and rollover crashes. Having a good understanding of the many types of truck accidents in which a person can be involved can help drivers take the kinds of preventive measures that will help them avoid being injured in such a crash.

Jackknife Accidents 

Jackknife accidents are a type of crash that is specific to commercial vehicles like semi-trucks, where the truck folds at the point where the trailer meets the cab (resembling a folded pocket knife). These kinds of crashes usually happen when a driver suddenly brakes and while the cab of the truck slows down, the trailer continues to travel at the same speed, causing it to slide out at an angle. Jackknife accidents almost always involve multiple vehicles and so tend to result in significant property damage and serious injuries.

Rollover Accidents 

Another type of accident that is more likely to involve commercial trucks is the rollover crash, which occurs when a truck flips over onto its side or its roof. While they can happen for a variety of reasons, most truck rollover accidents can be attributed to sudden turns made at high speeds, blown tires, and improper cargo loading. The property damage and injuries resulting from rollover accidents tend to be severe, as they often involve spilled cargo and the blocking of multiple lanes of traffic.

Underride Accidents 

Underride accidents are another type of collision that is specific to commercial vehicles. They occur when a smaller vehicle rear-ends a commercial truck, sliding beneath the larger vehicle. These kinds of crashes are well-known for being one of the most dangerous types of collisions in which a person can be involved, as the smaller vehicle is usually crushed beneath the larger truck, with the top of the smaller vehicle often being sheared off completely. Although most trucks are now required to have special underride guards to prevent these kinds of crashes, they still can and do occur.

Blind Spot Accidents 

The blind spots on commercial vehicles are much larger than those on standard vehicles. Generally, these blind spots extend 20 feet in front of the cab of the truck, 30 feet behind the trailer, one lane width to the left of the cab, and two lane widths to the right of the truck. Truck drivers who make sudden lane changes could end up putting anyone in these areas at risk of being involved in a collision.

Tire Blowout Accidents 

Although all vehicles can experience blown tires, commercial vehicles are at a much higher risk, simply because the tires on these trucks experience so much wear and tear. Unfortunately, because these vehicles are so large, a blown tire is extremely dangerous, as it can cause the driver to lose control of the truck. In some cases, a truck can even jackknife or roll over as a result.

Seeking Compensation for a Truck Accident 

Truck accidents often have devastating consequences for victims and their families who are forced to struggle with debilitating injuries. It is, however, possible for accident victims to recover compensation for these losses from the negligent parties who cause them. For help filing a claim, feel free to call the experienced Sandy Springs truck accident lawyers at Shiver Hamilton Campbell today.




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