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Tips For Sharing The Road With Commercial Trucks


All drivers have a duty to exercise care when operating their vehicles. Taking precautionary measures becomes even more important, however, for motorists who share the road with commercial trucks. Read on for a few tips on how to reduce your chances of being involved in a truck accident this summer.

Drive Defensively

The importance of driving defensively, especially when sharing the road with a semi-truck or other commercial vehicle, cannot be overstated. Driving defensively means remaining vigilant at all times, controlling the speed of your vehicle, and being prepared for the unexpected. This mindset can go a long way towards reducing a person’s chances of being involved in an accident with a large truck.

Avoid Blind Spots

Commercial vehicles have much larger blind spots than the average passenger-sized vehicle. In fact, there are four large blind spots on trucks where other drivers are sometimes not visible at all. The largest is on the right side of the truck and extends for the width of two lanes. Because this blind spot is so large, motorists are encouraged to pass trucks on the left side if possible. The other blind spots are directly behind and in front of the truck and along the left side. Drivers should always avoid lingering in these areas.

Allow More Space When Turning

When turning right, trucks tend to take up a lot more room than other cars, leaving a significant space between themselves and the curb. Other motorists should keep an eye out for trucks that are turning, being sure to give them plenty of room for the trailer to swing out into the other lane.

Keep a Safe Following Distance

Tailgating is always dangerous when driving, but is especially perilous when a truck is involved. Rear-end collisions with commercial vehicles are one of the most common, and devastating types of semi-truck accidents, with the smaller vehicle often becoming lodged underneath the truck. Maintaining a safe distance between yourself and commercial vehicles can ensure that you have enough time to react to avoid a collision if the truck driver suddenly brakes.

Give Trucks More Time When Merging

Commercial vehicles have a much longer stopping distance than other cars, so it’s important for motorists to give them extra room when merging. One good rule of thumb is to avoid merging in front of a truck until you can see the entire front of the cab in your rearview mirror. Drivers who fail to take this precaution could end up in the truck’s blind spot and could even be rear-ended.

Reach Out to Our Atlanta Truck Accident Attorneys Today

Even drivers who use the greatest care when sharing the road with commercial trucks could end up injured in an accident through no fault of their own. If this happened to you or a loved one, call the experienced Savannah truck accident lawyers at Shiver Hamilton Campbell to learn more about your options for recovering compensation. You can set up a free case review by calling us at 404-593-0020 or by sending us an online message.




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