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Security Responsibilities of a Landlord/Property Management Company


Landlords have a responsibility to their tenants to provide a safe environment and protect them from crime that could occur on the property. When conditions are not safe enough to protect tenants from foreseeable harm, they could be considered negligent and held liable for contributing to the unsafe premises. Unfortunately, the due care that landlords owe tenants is limited. It does not cover every instance and sometimes, even when the landlord has taken all necessary precautions, incidences can still happen. So, what are the security responsibilities of a landlord or property management company in Georgia?

The first is to ensure there is proper lighting, both in the parking lot and in any common space, such as hallways. Proper lighting will not only deter criminals but can also alert tenants and visitors of a criminal’s presence and make any attack or break-in more visible to others so they can then call for help. When lights are burned out and not replaced or are broken and not repaired, a landlord or property management company can be held responsible for any injuries that may occur.

To prevent criminals from entering the property, fences should be erected around the property. This provides only one main entrance, which is much easier to monitor and ensure that only people allowed to be on the property are on it. In addition to erecting a fence to prevent attacks, the fence must also be kept in good condition. When it is broken or there are pieces missing, it is the landlord’s responsibility to correct the problem.

While it makes sense that parking lots should have proper lighting and that the property should have some way of keeping unwanted visitors out, there is something else landlords and property management companies should always do to keep their tenants safe. That is to always perform background checks on anyone applying to live in the building. Knowing that no one in the building has a criminal background or has caused harm to others in the past, is not only reassuring for current and future tenants, but it is also one of the only ways to keep them safe.

Responsibilities of Landlords of Section 8 Housing

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program provides housing solutions for low-income families. Landlords, apartment building owners, and property management companies still have a responsibility to these tenants to provide them with a safe and secure place to live.

Landlords of Section 8 housing have all the same responsibilities as other landlords and must be sure they are not negligent in keeping the property safe. One of the biggest responsibilities these landlords have is to ensure that all doors and windows providing access to the unit or outside have proper locks. This means that landlords who do not fix broken locks or do not provide them in the first place can certainly be held responsible.

These are just a few of the security responsibilities landlords have, regardless of what type of property they are renting out, or who they are renting to. When landlords fail to meet these responsibilities, it is important for tenants that have been injured or sustained damage to their property to remember that they may be able to hold their landlord responsible and that they may be eligible for compensation for any injuries or damage sustained.

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