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Why are Tire Failure Accidents So Common in Georgia?


Tire blowouts have become an increasingly concerning problem on Georgia’s roadways, an issue that is largely attributed to the fluctuating temperatures across the state, as well as a lack of tire maintenance by vehicle owners. The stress that temperature-related over and under inflation and wear and tear on the tires can result in uneven tread wear, punctures, and other problems, all of which can result in tire failure.

Fluctuating Temperatures 

The temperatures in Georgia vary a lot, with extremely hot weather during the summers, often followed by very cold winters. These kinds of changes can affect the pressure in a tire’s vehicles, with pressure generally increasing with warmer temperatures and decreasing with colder weather. Both are problematic, as overfilled tires can easily puncture, while under inflated tires can cause the tread on a tire to wear unevenly. These kinds of pressure-related issues can ultimately result in tire failure and the subsequent loss of control of the vehicle in question and eventual collision.

Lack of Maintenance

Many drivers, while they remember to regularly change their oil or have their wipers and headlights replaced, forget that their tires also need to be inspected, rotated, and changed periodically. Failing to do so can end up causing a vehicle owner to drive on bald tires that have little or no traction on the asphalt. This makes it much more likely that a car will spin out of control, especially when the conditions are less than ideal. To avoid this, drivers should be sure to check on and rotate their tires regularly.

Manufacturer Defect 

Not all tire failure accidents are the result of improper air pressure or a lack of maintenance. Many, for instance, occur because of a defect in the design or production of the tire itself. Tire companies have to meet exacting standards when it comes to the materials and processes they use when manufacturing tires. When these standards aren’t met, the treads on a tire could separate, resulting in tire failure and a subsequent blowout. When this happens, injured parties can file claims with the tire’s manufacturer, seeking compensation for accident-related vehicle repair costs, medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Filing a Claim 

In order to file a claim after a tire failure accident, an injured party will need to work with an experienced legal team who can investigate the cause of their crash. When fault is eventually determined, claimants can then seek financial recovery from the at-fault parties, which could include: other drivers, negligent mechanics, and even tire or vehicle manufacturers. For help investigating the cause of your own accident, please reach out to our legal team today.

Here to Help With Your Car Accident-Related Financial Recovery 

At Shiver Hamilton Campbell, our Marietta car accident lawyers have the experience and resources to help you seek compensation for your collision-related losses. For a free evaluation of your claim, please call us at 404-593-0020 or reach out to us via online message today.




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