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Reviewing a Georgia Car Accident Report


After being involved in a car crash, accident victims are strongly encouraged to obtain a copy of the accident report that was filed by the police officers who responded to the scene. This report contains valuable information that people can use when filing accident claims with insurers or when taking a case to court. Read on to learn more about the kinds of details that are included in an accident report in Georgia.

Top Section of the Report 

The top section of an accident report should contain specific information, including:

  • The accident number assigned by law enforcement officers;
  • The agency number, which reveals which agency filed the report;
  • The city and county where the accident occurred;
  • The date and time of the crash;
  • The specific location where the crash occurred;
  • The names of the officers who responded to the accident;
  • The number of vehicles involved in the crash; and
  • The number of people injured in the accident.

A lot of this information will come into play when trying to identify the other parties involved in the accident, as well as the events leading up to the crash.

Middle Section of the Report

 The middle section of a Georgia accident report contains additional details about each of the parties involved in the crash, including:

  • The driver’s license numbers for the drivers involved;
  • The vehicle information for each driver;
  • Each vehicle’s license plate number;
  • Information about each driver’s injuries; and
  • Whether any of the motorists were suspected of being under the influence.

This information can clarify who or what caused the accident in question, providing details that could prove critical to an investigation. For instance, evidence of a driver’s intoxication is strong evidence of fault.

Bottom Section of the Report 

The bottom section of a Georgia accident report contains further information about any injuries that the parties sustained, including which hospital they were transported to, whether emergency personnel were called to the scene, and even photographs of any injuries. This section will also include any personal information about the eyewitnesses who saw the crash. Obtaining testimony from these eyewitnesses could play a crucial role in establishing fault for the crash.

Page Two of the Report 

The second page of the accident report will contain any written remarks about the accident that the police officer included, as well as a diagram of the crash that shows the position of the vehicles when the police arrived. Other information included on this portion could include details about any citations that were issued, the condition of the road at the time of the crash, and the weather conditions when the accident occurred. Again, this information can be used by an experienced legal team to establish fault for a crash, which will be necessary to the success of any insurance claim or lawsuit.

Call Shiver Hamilton Campbell for a Free Consultation 

The information included on a Georgia car accident report is invaluable when investigating the cause of a crash. For help understanding the nuances of your own report and to learn more about how we can put that information to use when filing your claim, please call the experienced Atlanta car accident lawyers at Shiver Hamilton Campbell today. You can reach us at 404-593-0020 or via online message.




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