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Car Accidents in Georgia Work Zones


Car accidents can and do happen just about anywhere and at any time. There are, however, certain locations where collisions tend to occur more often. There were, for instance, an estimated 10,499 accidents in construction zones in Georgia in 2022 alone. Work zones are dangerous to nearby motorists, as they are sometimes not preceded by adequate signage and warnings. Furthermore, the use of dangerous equipment and heavy trucks is common in work zones, further increasing the risk of serious injury in the event of a collision with a passing car. Work zone accidents also often occur where lanes are reduced and there is a lot of traffic congestion. This in turn, makes multi-vehicle collisions more common, increasing the likelihood that the parties involved will sustain serious injuries.

Other Drivers 

Work zones are typically designated with signage, cones, and even concrete barriers. Unfortunately, these signs may be ignored by reckless drivers, who may, due to distraction or mere carelessness, collide with or run right through these barriers, injuring construction workers and other drivers alike. Many drivers who cause these kinds of accidents were speeding or weaving in and out of lanes prior to the crash, or may even have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In these cases, the at-fault party could be held liable for his or her reckless or negligent conduct. Unfortunately, establishing fault tends to become more difficult in construction zone accident cases, which often involve multiple vehicles. An experienced attorney can help look into the cause of a crash and apportion blame and responsibility for paying damages accordingly.

The Construction Company/Municipal Agency 

In some cases, it isn’t only another driver who may be at fault for a work zone accident, but the company tasked with completing the project, or the city that assigned it. Construction companies and municipal agencies are required to notify drivers of upcoming and ongoing construction with signage, warnings, and barriers. Companies and agencies that fail to take these precautionary steps can end up being held liable if their failure resulted in an accident. In other situations, it could be an individual employee who caused an accident by failing to place guardrails, falling asleep at the wheel, or otherwise failing to use the proper amount of care. There are, however, special rules in place when it comes to filing a claim against government agencies, so speaking with an attorney before filing such a claim is advisable.

Contact Our Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers Today 

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