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Risks of Negligent Security in Atlanta

Public spaces and buildings, such as parks, office buildings, and hotels are relatively safe, and most of the time, the owners and managers of these properties have taken sufficient measures to ensure visitors to their property remain safe. However, some property owners refuse to take simple precautions – usually in an effort to save money.

This sort of careless behavior can place others at risk, and if a person is injured due to inadequate security measures, they should consult an experienced negligent security attorney who understands the risks of negligent security in Atlanta. A dedicated lawyer may be able to help them hold the party responsible for their incident liable in court.

Negligent Security in Public Places

Often, these public buildings and spaces are immensely large, and at night are usually sparsely populated. Large buildings and spaces often have numerous corridors, isolated areas and walkways, and poor lighting, and when a person is accosted by a criminal in such places, their cries for help may go unnoticed if there is not an adequate amount of security.

On the other hand, some locations such as bars and nightclubs are relatively small and packed with patrons. These locations must take precautionary measures to prevent altercations between patrons. In the United States, crimes caused by a lack of security often occur in the following places:

Even though it is impossible to prevent all crime, property owners and managers should develop an understanding of their properties and take note if one particular type of crime frequently occurs.

Making Security a Priority in Atlanta

When it comes to the risks of negligent security in Atlanta, many property owners do not sufficiently understand why they should make security a top priority. These properties attract countless individuals, but unfortunately, some of the individuals they attract will be there for criminal purposes.

Depending on the type of property, landlords and property managers can ensure the safety of residents, visitors, and customers by taking the following safety measures:

  • Hiring an adequate number of security professionals;
  • Ensuring the area is well-lit;
  • Strategically placing emergency call buttons in accessible locations;
  • Installing camera systems and ensuring they are continuously monitored; and
  • Securing the area with gates, fences, and other barriers.

Often, safety is a matter of warning others. It is simply impossible to prevent every single safety incident but when one does occur, landlords and property management companies should inform the public so they can take the proper precautions and report suspicious activity.

An Attorney Can Help Assess Risks of Negligent Security in Atlanta

When a person is attacked or injured in a public space due to a lack of security, they may be able to file a lawsuit against the owner of the property. This can be done with the help of an attorney, who can help prove the landlord or property manager was aware of certain threats but failed to take reasonable measures to prevent or reduce the likelihood of the threats in question.

Property owners have a legal and moral responsibility to take the safety of visitors, customers, or patrons into consideration. If this responsibility is neglected, they should be held liable if someone is injured while visiting their property. Get in touch with an attorney who understands the risks of negligent security in Atlanta if you are ready to discuss your case.

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