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Atlanta Truck Driver Intoxication Lawyers

A truck accident caused by an intoxicated driver in Atlanta is not extremely common. However, truck drivers who drive their equipment to and from home when they are technically off the clock are sometimes driving impaired. The rules require that, after a Department of Transportation (DOT) reportable incident, the driver must be tested for drugs and alcohol. The testing should be conducted by responsible trucking companies immediately at the scene of the crash.

However, impairment by prescription drugs is an increasing problem. A truck driver should not be operating the equipment without a thorough analysis of whether any prescription medications they take influences their ability to drive. It is more common to see impairment due to drugs rather than alcohol in Atlanta.

If you have been injured due to the irresponsibility of a truck driver being intoxicated, it may be in your best interest to get in touch with a professional truck accident attorney. An Atlanta truck driver intoxication lawyer may be able to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Common Trends

One common trend in truck accidents attributed to intoxication is when a truck takes a long time to see, perceive, react, slow, and stop in response to a hazard. That is a signal of distraction, fatigue, or impairment. A truck accident attorney examines whether alcohol or drug impairment caused the accident in every case.

Another important consideration is the Department of Transportation physical required of every truck driver at regular intervals. The physical may reveal a health problem that must be treated by medications. The condition or the medication required to treat it could be significant sources of impairment.

How Does an Atlanta DUI Impact an Out of State Driver’s License?

In Atlanta, a DUI should result in the truck driver losing their commercial driver’s license, regardless of what state issued their license. An Atlanta truck accident lawyer looks at the driver’s reported history in the state where they hold the CDL. This is a key inquiry when assessing whether the truck driver should have been on the road.

Drivers’ histories demonstrate that drivers who show signs of poor driving practices, inattentiveness, and at-risk behaviors are more likely to cause crashes that result in death or serious injury than drivers with a safe driving history. That is why there is federal point system with different types of violations for driving. It includes the severity of violations that result in suspension and revocations of commercial driving privileges.

Complying with Trucking Regulations

Responsible trucking companies and insurance companies routinely check to make sure they only have drivers who comply with trucking regulations. Drivers not in compliance can show they are liable due to their pattern of poor driving. This pattern of disregard for safety can also extend liability from the truck driver to the trucking company. Trucking companies may cut corners with safety and put drivers on the road who have no business being behind the wheel of an 80,000-pound truck.

Implications for Future Employment

A DUI can cost the truck driver their commercial driver’s license and thereby prevent them from obtaining any future employment in the trucking industry. A DUI in a truck should result in a lifetime ban as a practical matter.

Contact an Atlanta Truck Driver Intoxication Lawyer

Injuries sustained from a truck accident have the potential to be very serious. However, when the truck driver is intoxicated, this only raises the risk that a victim comes away with more severe injuries. That is why if you have been injured in a truck accident with the driver being drunk, get in touch with a dedicated attorney today. An Atlanta truck driver intoxication lawyer could be able to help you seek the compensation you deserve.

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