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Common Types of Atlanta Premises Liability Cases

A premises owner or a property manager has an obligation to act reasonably and try to anticipate and provide for reasonably safe premises. They have an obligation to identify potential hazards that may exist on the premises and could try to guard against those hazards, as to avoid potential injury. These are two different types of premises cases, but the extent of the injuries may qualify the severity of the case.

Due to a variety of reasons, owners or manager may neglect their responsibilities, which could lead to serious injuries and creating the potential for a lawsuit. Common types of Atlanta premises liability cases may be caused by this and could be investigated by an experienced legal advocate. Contact an Atlanta premises liability lawyer today to learn more about what a lawsuit may entail.

Difference Between Premises Liability and Other Personal Injury Cases

The most significant distinction between premises liability and other personal injury cases may be dealing with the status of the individual and the issue of causation. In premises liability cases, a common defense may be to have the case dismissed due to the argument that the premises owner was not responsible or may not have had a duty to secure safety.

Another argument may be that there is a lack of causation between the premises owner’s failure to fulfill their duty and the injury to the individual. While those matters could arise in some other personal injury cases, they may be evident in common types of Atlanta premises liability cases such as an apartment complex case.

Common Locations for Atlanta Premises Liability Cases

One of the most common locations where premises liability claims may occur in Atlanta is apartment complexes. This may be due to negligent security cases that occur when there is a failure to address violence or other offenses, which could be dealt with by a property manager or landlord.

Another common place for premises liability claims may be stores and commercial businesses. These areas may have slip and fall accidents resulting in a premises liability case. The lawyer may analyze what caused the individual to fall, how long the hazard was present, and what processes the premises owner, manager, or company had in place to identify and rectify hazards.

Significant Injury Caused by a Premises Liability

In other types of premises liability cases involving significant injury or death through criminal acts on premises, the lawyer may try to determine the extent of an offense on the premises before the incident. The lawyer may identify what the property owner or property manager knew about the offense and what they were doing to deter subsequent, similar future offenses.

A wrongful death has tremendous potential as it involves the full value of the life of the individual. With an injury case, the value may be contingent upon the following:

  • Extent of medical expenses
  • Ongoing issues the individual has
  • Likelihood for future treatment
  • Any permanent impairment

Contacting an Atlanta Premises Liability Attorney

Being subject to an injury due to someone else’s negligence could be a frustrating experience. Due to the common types of Atlanta premises liability cases, these situations may happen more than you would expect. By contacting a skilled premises liability lawyer, you could learn more about receiving potential compensation and other damages for your suffering. Contact our firm today for a free consultation.

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