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Savannah Helmet Law Lawyer

Savannah motorcycle helmet laws are strict. This is because helmets save lives and wearing a helmet can decrease your chances of suffering a traumatic head injury if you are involved in a motorcycle accident.

If you are a victim in a motorcycle collision that occurred while you were wearing a helmet – or even without a helmet – you may be eligible to file a claim or lawsuit for the damages you suffered in your accident. An experienced Savannah helmet law lawyer will be familiar with the helmet laws and can explain how they can impact your claim.

Savannah Helmet Requirements

Both motorcycle riders and operators must abide by the motorcycle helmet laws in Savannah. The Georgia Commissioner of Public Safety determines the helmets motorcycle riders and operators may use. Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved helmets always come with a sticker attached, along with the helmet manufacturer’s labels. DOT-approved helmets have the following characteristics:

  • Proper weight – The majority of DOT-approved helmets weigh approximately three pounds;
  • Inner liner – DOT-approved helmets come equipped with a one-inch thick polystyrene foam liner;
  • Chin straps – DOT-compliant helmets have a sturdy chin strap which is connected to the helmet; and
  • Proper style and design – Motorcycle helmets that comply with DOT regulations do not have anything sticking out of them more than two-tenths of an inch and cover the wearer’s entire face.

An experienced lawyer can explain these Savannah motorcycle helmet laws in more detail and can determine whether a particular helmet complies with DOT regulations.

Taking Action after a Motorcycle Accident

Even in cases where someone is not wearing a helmet, the accident victim could still file a claim or lawsuit for injuries and damages. However, not wearing a helmet could lower the settlement value of a person’s case.

For the injured party to recover compensation for injuries sustained, they must show that the at-fault party acted unreasonably under the circumstances. They must also show that they suffered injuries which resulted from the motorcycle accident.

If they are successful in proving these elements, they can recover economic and noneconomic damages for medical costs incurred, loss of income, inconvenience, pain and suffering, lost life enjoyment, mental distress, and loss of family support.

Under the comparative fault law, if the motorcycle accident investigation shows that the plaintiff could have lessened the severity of their injury or avoided their injury altogether had they been wearing a helmet or fully complying with helmet laws, then the damage award can decrease accordingly. An attorney can further explain how an injured party’s actions can impact liability.

Learn More from a Savannah Helmet Law Lawyer

Even when motorcycle operators and riders are wearing helmets, a serious accident can result in debilitating injuries and damages. Well-made motorcycle helmets can still crack and leave the accident victim’s head exposed. Other than helmets, motorcycles afford their riders little else in the way of protection. This makes it crucial to comply with Savannah motorcycle helmet laws.

If you were injured in a Savannah motorcycle accident that you did not cause, a skilled injury lawyer can help. A lawyer can discuss the impact of Savannah motorcycle helmet laws on your case and determine your eligibility for damages. Call today for a free consultation.

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