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Jonesboro Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Most of the time, an injury will only directly impact a localized part of the body. That is not the case with spinal cord injuries. Damage to the spinal column or the nerves within it has the potential to cause havoc throughout the rest of a person’s body.

For that reason, spinal damage is one of the most severe forms of bodily injury possible. There can be a high cost to address these injuries, especially for those who require life-long care due to their disability. A seasoned catastrophic injury attorney could help an individual recover the costs of their medical care. Before pursuing a lawsuit on your own, consider a discussion with a Jonesboro spinal cord injury lawyer.

How Do Spinal Injuries Happen?

Most spinal cord injuries involve a severe impact on a person’s head and neck. When the cord itself is damaged or severed, it can result in the loss of motor control or sensation in the body below the injury. These injuries can happen under many different circumstances but they are most common in motor vehicle accidents. This is due to the tremendous force that can come with a collision between two vehicles. A head or neck injury in a vehicle crash could lead to devastating spinal cord injuries.

Other situations that commonly lead to spinal injuries include:

  • Gun crimes and other violent offenses;
  • Diving accidents;
  • Contact sports injuries;
  • Slip and fall accidents; and
  • Workplace injuries.

With the help of a local spinal cord injury attorney, a person who was hurt under any of these circumstances could bring a lawsuit against the responsible party.

Pursuing a Spinal Injury Case

Any person who suffers a spinal injury due to the careless or reckless actions of another individual could be entitled to pursue a claim for compensation. Suffering a spinal injury alone does not guarantee success, however. The injured person must be able to show that their loss occurred due to an act of negligence. Negligence involves any act or omission by a person that carelessly, intentionally, or recklessly harms someone else.

There are several steps that go into preparing a successful claim, most of which occur prior to filing suit. A Jonesboro spine damage lawyer could assist with every step of a spinal cord claim, from identifying potential defendants to negotiating a fair settlement.

Damages Available

Spinal cord injuries can place a tremendous financial strain on the injured person, as well as their immediate family. This strain results from a number of factors. Many people with spine damage require long-term medical treatment and in-home care. Over the course of their lives, the cost of this care could be substantial.

By taking on a personal injury lawsuit, a person could recover compensation for their long-term care expenses. Additionally, they could pursue damages to replace their lost wages and compensate them for their diminished quality of life.

Talk to a Jonesboro Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Today

Living with a debilitating spinal cord injury can be difficult on a financial, emotional, and physical level. For many people, these injuries can make it impossible to take on simple tasks or enjoy everyday activities. If you are facing the consequences of a spinal injury through no fault of your own, a legal professional could help. Reach out to a Jonesboro spinal cord injury lawyer today.

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