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Jonesboro Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting hurt in an accident can upend your entire life, especially if your injuries are severe and require significant medical intervention. Even if you ultimately make a full physical recovery, the financial impact a personal injury can have on you and your family may last for months or even years to come.

If you find yourself struggling with physical, financial, and emotional losses after an accident, a Jonesboro personal injury lawyer might be able to help. By proving legal negligence and demonstrating that your damages stemmed directly from that negligence, you and your attorney could work to pursue fair financial restitution for the harm you suffered.

Causes and Effects of Legal Negligence

The basic premise behind virtually every personal injury case is legal negligence, a concept which allows people to be held financially responsible for injuries they cause. Even if someone had no malicious intent, they could bear civil liability if they directly caused someone else compensable harm by breaching a duty of care.

Negligence can take different forms and result in many different types of accidents. Some of the most common causes of action that personal injury attorneys in the area handle include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents;
  • Slipping, tripping, and falling accidents;
  • Hazardous conditions on public or private property;
  • Domesticated animal attacks;
  • Consumer product defects; and
  • Abuse and/or neglect in nursing homes.

A person who was harmed may have grounds to file suit if they suffer any kind of physical injury that requires professional medical care, whether it will heal completely over time or results in life-altering damage. If an accident has fatal consequences for someone who would have been able to file suit had they survived, their surviving family members may be able to pursue a wrongful death claim on their behalf.

Avoiding Common Obstacles to Person Injury Recovery

Fortunately, state law does not enforce any caps on the amount of personal injury compensation a plaintiff in Jonesboro could pursue for damages. A successful suit could seek restitution for the full value of both economic and non-economic damages, including but not limited to medical expenses, missed wages at work, loss of future capacity, loss of enjoyment of life, and physical pain and suffering.

However, under Official Code of Georgia §51-12-33, civil courts have the authority to reduce the amount of compensation available to a successful plaintiff if they deem that person partially responsible for causing their own injuries. If a plaintiff is found less than 50 percent at fault, they would miss out on an equivalent percentage of their final damage award. Plaintiffs who are found to be 50 percent or more at fault are ineligible to recover any compensation whatsoever, even if the defendant in their case is also partially to blame.

In addition, O.C.G.A. §9-3-33 sets a filing deadline of two years on most personal injury cases, meaning that any plaintiff who waits longer than that to file suit after they discover their injuries may be barred from recovering compensation. Assistance from a skilled local accident lawyer is often crucial to effectively navigating these potential pitfalls and maximizing civil recovery.

Talk to a Jonesboro Personal Injury Attorney Today

Personal injury litigation can be a complex and arduous experience, and it can be intimidating to those who are unfamiliar with how courts usually approach them. Even if a defendant’s liability seems obvious, you may have trouble convincing a court to agree with you without guidance and support from a legal professional.

Fortunately, a seasoned Jonesboro personal injury lawyer is ready and available to help you through your claim from start to finish. To set up a consultation and start exploring your legal options, call today.

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