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Jonesboro Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Few types of injuries have more significant and severe impacts on people’s lives than those resulting in paralysis. Whether it stems from spinal cord damage, a traumatic brain injury, or any other means, paralysis invariably alters the future prospects of anyone who suffers from it. This can be especially demoralizing if it occurred due to another party’s negligent actions.

If you suffered any degree of paralysis due to another person’s reckless or careless behavior, a conversation with a Jonesboro paralysis injury lawyer may be in your best interests. Once retained, your dedicated catastrophic injury attorney could work diligently to prove fault for your accident, valuate all your recoverable damages, and recover sufficient compensation on your behalf for every impact this injury will have on you.

Causes and Effects of Paralyzing Accidents

While car wrecks are the most common means by which paralyzing injuries occur, any type of accident that leads to someone suffering a blow to the head, neck, or spine could end up causing paralysis. If someone else’s negligence causes a trip and fall accident, an injury during a medical procedure, or a head-on collision during an athletic event, it might be possible to hold them civilly liable for the effects of that injury.

Unfortunately, those effects are often debilitating, no matter how severe the case is. Even if someone only suffers temporary paralysis due to an incomplete spinal cord injury, the recovery process can take months or even years of intensive treatments and effort. It is also incredibly expensive.

More severe forms of paralysis like paraplegia (loss of sensation and movement below the waist) and quadriplegia (loss of sensation and movement below the neck) might prevent an injured party from holding gainful employment or supporting themselves on a daily basis. No matter what type of paralysis an accident results in, a Jonesboro paralyzing injury lawyer could provide crucial and compassionate assistance in seeking appropriate financial compensation.

Seeking Restitution for Short-Term and Long-Term Damages

One thing that makes paralysis injury lawsuits especially complicated is the need to accurately estimate what losses a plaintiff will suffer in the future because of their newfound disability. Objective short-term damages like bills for emergency medical treatment and car repair expenses can be easy to factor into a settlement demand or civil lawsuit. Since paralysis is often a permanent condition, comprehensive civil recovery must account for long-term medical care, loss of earning capacity, home modification costs, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Furthermore, since the Official Code of Georgia sets a two-year statutory filing deadline on personal injury claims regardless of how severe the injuries are, plaintiffs cannot afford to wait to see exactly what costs and losses they will take on before filing suit. In light of this, working with a local paralysis injury attorney could be crucial to valuating future damages ahead of time and seeking fair recovery within the time limits set by law.

See if a Jonesboro Paralysis Injury Lawyer Could Help

Paralysis injuries are almost always life-changing for those who suffer from them, and it can put a strain on family members. Successful civil litigation following a paralyzing accident borne of negligence can be just as significant, as it might determine whether an injured person can live anything close to a comfortable life in spite of their injury and its associated costs.

By hiring a seasoned Jonesboro paralysis injury lawyer, you are putting your case in the trust of a legal professional dedicated to achieving fair financial restitution for you. Call today to learn more.

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