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Jonesboro Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

It is important to respect and care for our elders when they grow old and sick. Unfortunately, nursing home workers can sometimes forget or even purposely reject this crucial principle far too often. If you suspect that a loved one has been abused, neglected, or subjected to dangerous conditions in an elder care facility, a Jonesboro nursing home abuse lawyer could help investigate and determine your legal options.

More than 10 percent of Georgia residents are aged 65 or older. Unfortunately, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), only one-third of nursing homes in the state received an above-average health inspection grade. The conditions are ripe in many nursing homes for negligent or abusive treatment of patients. Call a seasoned personal injury attorney today to ensure your elderly loved one receives compensation for their trauma and that their violators are held accountable

Physical Abuse

All too often, nursing home attendants are physically careless or intentionally malicious in their interactions with elders under their care. Pushing, grabbing, hitting, non-consensual sexual contact, or any other type of unwarranted forcible contact that causes physical injury are all types of physical abuse that may entitle an elder to compensation. Even less obvious physical interactions, like the unwarranted use of physical restraints, the unjustified use of sedatives, or intentional medication overdoses can constitute physical abuse. In egregious situations of physical abuse, nursing home attendants may even be charged with assault in their interactions with patients.

Emotional Abuse

Elder abuse is not confined to physical acts. In certain circumstances, abusive verbal interactions—especially when repeated over a period of time—or purposeful social isolation may entitle someone to compensation. Examples include repeated demeaning language, humiliation, isolation of from their friends within the nursing home community, and arbitrary punishment. A Jonesboro elder abuse lawyer could help a plaintiff determine if a loved one has been subject to emotional mistreatment.

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse or exploitation can occur regardless of a resident’s level of wealth. Circumstances where an elder may be entitled to financial restitution include, among others:

  • Fraudulent or forged payments;
  • Coerced charges or withdrawals from a money account; and
  • Unanticipated changes to an elder’s will or property interests.

A local nursing home mistreatment attorney could help determine which financial actions might be illegal based on the circumstances.

Actions of Neglect

Not all nursing home abuse results from intentional wrongdoing by nursing home staff. Sometimes the most serious abuse occurs gradually over time through neglect of the nursing home staff to provide basic care to residents. Common indicators of neglect include bedsores, emaciation, lack of medical treatment, and unsanitary living quarters.

Because neglect occurs slowly over time, rather than from any one specific event, it can be harder to detect and prove. A lawyer specializing in elder law is essential to make sure no instance of neglect goes undetected.

Hire a Jonesboro Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer to be Your Ally

No one deserves to suffer silently and helplessly in a nursing home. If you suspect that your loved one has experienced physical, emotional, or financial abuse or neglect, contact a Jonesboro nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible for a free consultation. Your attorney might be able to help increase the likelihood that any abuses are identified and that the resident earns the financial compensation they deserve. Do not wait another day to begin your pursuit of justice.

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