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Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents in Jonesboro

Motorcycles are a passion for many people but there is no denying the danger they pose. Motorcycles are more vulnerable to weather conditions and road hazards than cars are, and driving a motorcycle requires different skills than driving a four-wheeled vehicle. Most importantly, motorcycle riders are unprotected in a crash. Protective gear might reduce the severity of some injuries, but when a biker slams into the pavement or another vehicle, they are likely to get hurt.

If you sustained injuries from a motorcycle crash in Jonesboro, you could seek damages from any negligent party who contributed to it. Discuss your legal alternatives with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney as soon as you are able. The more severe your injuries are, the more important it is to have professional representation from the beginning of the process who could present the strongest possible case.

Severe Injuries are Common in Motorcycle Accidents

Even the best motorcycle gear offers only limited protection in a crash. Consequently, motorcycle accidents could lead to severe injuries, even at low speeds.

Road Rash

The most common motorcycle injury is damage to the skin or road rash. Despite the name, road rash is not just a cosmetic injury or an inconvenience. Abrasions to several layers of skin could lead to serious infection, which might require surgical intervention. Burns often accompany road rash in motorcycle accidents, making the injury even more painful and complicated to treat. More Serious Injuries

There are other injuries that are common among those who ride motorcycles. These include:

  • Facial injuries;
  • Fractures and dislocations, especially of the shoulder, elbow, and wrist;
  • Thoracic trauma, including broken ribs and punctured lungs;
  • Amputations;
  • Internal injuries;
  • Spinal cord damage and neck injuries;
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI); and
  • Emotional injuries, such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

A biker who suffers one of these injuries might require significant recovery time and be unable to work. If someone else’s negligence caused the accident, a savvy lawyer could seek damages on their behalf.

At-Fault Party Liable for Damages

Motorcycle accidents are often the result of negligence. The negligent party might be another driver, but it could also be the manufacturer of a defective vehicle part or piece of safety equipment. If poor road maintenance, malfunctioning traffic control devices, or inadequate signage led to the accident, a local government might have been negligent, which might require filing suit even sooner than normal.

Damages are verifiable losses that the biker suffered because of their injury.

An experienced attorney could seek damages for all the biker’s tangible and intangible losses. In addition to medical expenses and lost wages, damages could include payments for future medical care and lost opportunities to earn an income in the future. If an injury is catastrophic, such as permanent paralysis, that might prevent the person from being able to do many different jobs, which will affect their future. Certain types of organ damage might require specialized in-home care, which is yet another expense that needs to be accounted for.

Get Results with a Skilled Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you are recovering from injuries you sustained in a crash, you need someone by your side to fight for the settlement you deserve. Insurance companies often try to blame bikers for the accidents that injure them but a committed lawyer will not be intimidated. The sooner a professional can begin building your case, the faster you might be able to receive compensation for injuries from a motorcycle accident in Jonesboro. Schedule an appointment now.

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