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Jonesboro Dog Bite Lawyer

Due to their loyalty, domesticated dogs have long been referred to as “man’s best friend.” Despite the close relationship between many dogs and humans, not every canine is safe to approach. Some dogs are inherently dangerous, often biting any person they come into contact with.

If you have been bitten by a dog, your injuries could be more serious than you realize. Addressing these bites can be costly in the long run. With the help of a determined personal injury attorney, you could have the right to file a lawsuit against the dog owner. A Jonesboro dog bite lawyer could evaluate your injuries and advise you if you have a viable case.

Health Risks Associated with Dog Bites

The most common injury that comes with a dog bite involves puncture wounds from the animal’s teeth. While these bites can cause lacerations and lead to bleeding, they are not always the most serious possible injury. Some dog bites can lead to dangerous infections, such as rabies, particularly when the wound is not cleaned immediately. These infections could quickly worsen and even become life-threatening. Before contacting a local dog bite attorney, a person who has been bitten should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

A dog bite could leave a person with severe scarring and disfigurement. If the attack was made to the face, then the permanent disfigurement could have an impact on a person’s life forever. These injuries also have the potential to cause nerve damage, which can lead to escalating health challenges over time. Even bites from small dogs have the potential for significant nerve damage in the hands or face.

Pursuing a Dog Bite Lawsuit

Some individuals who suffered dog bites have the right to pursue a civil lawsuit against the animal’s owner. However, it may not be immediately obvious if the suit will be successful. This is due to the way Georgia law addresses dog bite liability. In Jonesboro, a dog owner is only liable for the injuries their dog causes if they knew the animal was considered legally “vicious.” If the plaintiff is unable to establish that the owner knew the dog was vicious, their claim will not be successful.

There are important defenses that could protect the owner in a dog bite claim. If the dog was provoked by the plaintiff prior to the attack, the owner is not liable for any injuries. Likewise, a plaintiff is not entitled to monetary damages if they were bitten by a dog while trespassing on the owner’s property.

When is a Dog Considered Vicious?

There are multiple ways to show a dog is vicious. For example, dogs are considered vicious if they have bitten someone before. Additionally, the simplest way to establish that a dog is vicious is through evidence that the owner violated a local ordinance or leash law. If a dog was off their leash in violation of municipal code, any injuries they cause could open up their owner to liability.

Because of the need to establish that a dog was vicious, these cases can be especially challenging. A Jonesboro animal attack lawyer could review a dog bite case and research any applicable leash laws that might affect liability.

Reach Out to a Jonesboro Dog Bite Lawyer Today

If you have suffered a dog attack, your right to pursue a lawsuit against the owner will depend on the specific circumstances of your case. It is not always simple to establish a dog owner was negligent. That is where an experienced attorney comes in. A Jonesboro dog bite lawyer could help you determine whether the pet’s owner is liable for your injuries. To get started, schedule your initial consultation today.

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