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Jonesboro Child Injury Lawyer

No parent wants to imagine that their child might get hurt because of another adult’s negligence, but unfortunately, accidents can impact minors just as much as adults. Fortunately, your child’s status as a minor does not deprive them of the right to hold adults liable for negligent actions. You have the power to pursue such legal action on their behalf.

If your child suffered harm in an accident caused by a reckless or careless adult, you may want to consider discussing your legal options with a Jonesboro child injury lawyer. A trustworthy personal injury attorney could review your potential case with you, help identify the best course of legal action, and work tenaciously to preserve your child’s best interests.

Potential Grounds for Child Injury Cases

In the eyes of civil courts in the state of Georgia, a person’s age has no bearing on their rights as someone impacted by legal negligence. In other words, any accident that would allow an adult to file suit for civil damages would also grant the same right to a child who suffered physical injuries and personal losses as a result of negligent conduct.

There are certain types of personal injury claims that children are more likely to be involved in than others. For example, defective toys may give rise to dangerous product claims, as well as defects in products like bicycles and medical devices used by children.

What is the “Attractive Nuisance” Doctrine?

There are some situations in which someone could bear liability for a child’s injuries when they would not bear liability for an adult injured under the same circumstances. Most notably, the “attractive nuisance” doctrine holds property owners liable for injuries sustained by child trespassers if those injuries stemmed from an “attractive nuisance,” like a swimming pool, which lacked proper security. A Jonesboro injured minor lawyer could go into further detail during a private consultation about whether specific circumstances may justify litigation.

Recovering Compensation on a Child’s Behalf

Unfortunately, there is only so much that financial restitution can do to make up for the long-lasting and potentially harmful impacts that a childhood injury can have. Minors who are still growing and developing are especially susceptible to catastrophic injuries in many situations. Particularly severe incidents could permanently inhibit a child’s future ability to hold a job and support themselves without assistance.

Because of this, recovery in child injury lawsuits often has to take a long-term view, seeking compensation not only for objective damages with known financial values, but also for future losses the impacted child is likely to suffer in the years to come. Depending on the circumstances, a local child injury attorney could help someone seek damages for loss of future earning capacity, loss of enjoyment of life, future medical costs, and more.

Speak with a Jonesboro Child Injury Lawyer Today

Fortunately, the time limits that usually apply to personal injury litigation are relaxed significantly for accidents involving children. Injured children and their parents have up to two years after the child’s 18th birthday to take legal action. In many cases, though, it is best to get started with a lawsuit or settlement demand as soon as possible, before crucial evidence of fault is lost or destroyed.

If you want to maximize your chances of fair recovery in this uniquely traumatic type of case, assistance from a compassionate Jonesboro child injury lawyer can be a big help. Call today to set up an initial meeting.

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