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Jonesboro Car Accident Lawyer

Getting into an auto accident can be a shocking experience even at low speeds. When accidents occur at highway speeds, the results are often life-altering.

No matter how debilitating your injuries are, a Jonesboro car accident lawyer could help you explore your options for filing suit. A qualified personal injury attorney could work on your behalf to establish another party’s fault for your wreck, take stock of your injuries and losses, and seek appropriate restitution for those damages through a civil court case or private settlement.

How Negligence Could Cause a Car Wreck

The moment a person gets into their car and starts the engine, they owe a duty of reasonable care to every other driver, passenger, bicyclist, and pedestrian on the road with them. In simple terms, a duty of care is an obligation to act reasonably and responsibly at all times, which means obeying all applicable traffic laws and avoiding unsafe behaviors like exceeding the speed limit or driving while distracted.

If a person does something reckless or careless, that constitutes a breach of their duty of care. If that breach of duty is the direct cause of an accident, the responsible party could be held financially liable for any resulting physical, financial, or emotional harm they cause. Among the physical injuries that could be compensated for are:

  • Broken bones;
  • Deep lacerations;
  • Severe burns;
  • Damage to the spine; and
  • Damage to the brain or other organs.

A local car crash attorney could help gather evidence of fault and present it effectively to support a settlement demand or civil court case. Depending on the circumstances, relevant evidence for demonstrating negligence could include eyewitness testimony, police reports, documents that detail a plaintiff’s injuries, security camera footage, and input from accident reconstruction experts.

Recovering for Damages While Avoiding Liability

Following an automobile collision in Jonesboro, a lawyer could factor both economic and non-economic damages into a successful civil claim. Economic damages consist of objective financial losses like medical expenses and bills for repairing a damaged vehicle, while non-economic damages are subjective losses that typically involve some form of physical or emotional suffering.

Plaintiffs may have their right to recover compensation restricted if they are found partially at fault for their own damages. Under Official Code of Georgia §51-12-33, a civil court may reduce a plaintiff’s recoverable compensation by whatever percentage of fault that plaintiff bears, or bar them from recovering any compensation if they are more than 50 percent to blame. Assistance from an experienced lawyer is often crucial to preventing comparative negligence from impeding recovery.

Consider Seeking Help from a Jonesboro Car Accident Lawyer

In the immediate aftermath of a serious car accident, embroiling yourself in a contentious civil court dispute may not seem like the best thing to prioritize over stabilizing your personal injuries. While you should make sure you are healthy, civil litigation and recovery is often an essential part of the healing process, especially if you suffer severe injuries that keep you out of work or will have long-term effects.

Once retained, a Jonesboro car accident lawyer could guide you through the civil litigation process from start to finish and help you pursue a positive resolution. Call today to speak with a legal professional about what may be possible in your situation.

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