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Jonesboro Burn Injury Lawyer

Minor burn injuries happen every day. From sunburns to touching a hot pan, these minor burns are often little more than a nuisance for most people. But not all burns heal in a matter of days, however. Many have lasting consequences, including severe pain and disfigurement.

If you suffered burn injuries through the carelessness of another person, you could pursue a civil lawsuit to hold them accountable. Before you take action, consider a discussion with a dedicated catastrophic injury attorney. Your Jonesboro burn injury lawyer could help you fight for a fair monetary settlement.

The Severity of Burn Injuries

Not every burn injury is the same. Based on the degree of heat and the time that the skin is exposed to it, burns can vary between minor inconveniences and fatal injuries.

When classifying burn injuries, medical professionals place each burn into categories referred to as degrees. The higher the degree, the more severe the burn injury is. An a burn accident lawyer in Jonesboro could advise a person on how the severity of their burn impacts their legal claim.

First-Degree Burns

Although they are the least-severe of the four types, first-degree burns are still painful. These burns impact only the outermost layer of skin and usually heal on their own in a day or two. It typically produces some redness until it is fully healed.

Second-Degree Burns

A second-degree burn is more than a mere inconvenience. This type of injury affects multiple layers of skin and can cause redness and swelling that lasts for several days. While medical intervention is rarely necessary for these burns, the pain can be significant.

Third-Degree Burns

A third-degree burn is a serious injury that usually requires medical treatment. Individuals suffering from these burns could see scarring or even observe their skin change colors. While the pain can be significant, it is often delayed. This is because these burns can destroy the nerve endings under the skin.

Fourth-Degree Burns

At the top of the list are the severe injuries known as fourth-degree burns. These burns damage more than just the skin – they can reach below it to the muscle and bone beneath. Sometimes it can be fatal. Those who survive fourth-degree burns typically live with severe scarring and disfigurement.

Shared Fault and Burn Injuries

Sometimes it is easy to assign fault to a burn injury. Other times, every party involved in an accident could share in the responsibility. In Jonesboro, a person who suffered burns is not prohibited from seeking monetary compensation from the person responsible for their injuries, even if they played a part in causing their own injury.

According to Georgia law, a plaintiff’s negligence will prevent legal action if their fault was equal to or greater than the defendant’s. In other words, it is possible to seek compensation for burn injuries as long as the plaintiff is no more than 49 percent responsible. However, the courts will reduce the final amount of compensation by the percentage the plaintiff was at fault.

A local burn injury attorney could advise someone on how contributory negligence rules could impact their claim. Many people might not understand that they could still have a viable claim for compensation even if they were partially at fault.

Talk to a Jonesboro Burn Injury Lawyer Immediately

There are many moving parts to a burn injury lawsuit. The litigants must not only develop a theory of liability but also be prepared to address claims from the defendant that they shared in the negligence. A Jonesboro burn injury lawyer could assist you with your claim from start to finish. To learn more, schedule your consultation today.

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