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Savannah Side Impact Car Accident Lawyer

Side-impact car accidents, whether side-swipes or T-bones, are among the most common on Savannah’s roads. Anytime that two cars cross each other’s paths in an intersection or when changing lanes, there is a potential for an accident.

Even though neither driver intended to cause harm to the other, the law states that at-fault parties to accidents are legally liable for any damage they cause. Questions over who was at-fault for the accident are central to any car accident claim.

A Savannah side-impact car accident lawyer is dedicated to leading the fight against defendants’ insurance companies to obtain the compensation individuals deserve for their injuries. A seasoned lawyer can work to prove the defendant driver was negligent and that this negligence caused harm.

Assigning Negligence

After every car accident, one of the drivers must be assigned blame. There is no such thing as a no-fault accident. Even in situations where there is minor property damage, and no one suffers injury, one driver must be at-fault. When one of the people involved in the accident suffers an injury, the at-fault driver will be held legally responsible for the damage inflicted. This is done using the cause of action known as negligence.

In short, negligence applies when a person held a preexisting duty to protect the injured person prior to the accident. When the defendant took an action or failed to act in a way that caused the protected person to suffer injury, the defendant is legally liable for the resulting damage.

When applied to car accident cases, the analysis is simple. All motorists have a duty to protect all other people they may encounter while driving. This means the law protects all other drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians. This duty is automatic and cannot be waived. The analysis in the claim examines whether the defendant’s driving violated this duty.

In some cases, this is straightforward. If a police officer issues a ticket for a driver after a side impact accident, such as for running a red light in an intersection or failing to yield, the law assumes that this driver was negligent. This is the concept of negligence per se. In other cases, the facts are less clear. Many side-impact accidents happen after hasty lane changes or involve people traveling in blind spots.

Common Injuries in Savannah Side-Impact Accidents

Side-impact accidents, even at low speeds, have a tremendous impact on the human body. Even the smallest of vehicles weigh more than 2,000 pounds and will easily crush other vehicles or people who get in their way.

With the impact coming from the side, great strain is placed on people’s hips and shoulders. It is not uncommon for these joints to become dislocated during these accidents.

Other common injuries in side-impact accidents include:

  • Deep cuts and scrapes
  • Concussions and neck injuries
  • Broken bones

While a physical injury is necessary to file a personal injury claim, the range of claimable damages extends far beyond the physical. A fully developed claim by a side-impact car accident lawyer in Savannah will demand compensation for lost wages associated with the accident, both for the past and future, as well as money for any mental suffering or loss of enjoyment of life when dealing with the aftermath.

A Savannah Side-Impact Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Any car accident is cause for concern. But especially in side-impact accidents that result in serious bodily injury, every moment is critical. As soon as the accident happens, the defendant’s insurance company will be building a case to deny the liability of their driver. You need representation that will provide this same service for you.

A Savannah side-impact car accident attorney helps individuals by taking on the insurance companies and pursuing claims for maximum compensation. They know how the court system works and will fight for injured individuals. Contact a lawyer today.

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