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Savannah Rollover Car Accident Lawyer

Rollover accidents are on the rise in the state of Georgia. As reported by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in Georgia, there were 313 rollover accidents in 2014, 336 accidents in 2015, and 402 in 2016. Being in this type of car accident can cause severe injuries and even fatalities.

Along with injuries can come expensive medical bills, pain and suffering, missed time from work, and even emotional distress. That is why it is imperative to seek the council of a dedicated car attorney. A Savannah rollover car accident lawyer can help put your life back together after this type of accident.

Causes of Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents in Georgia can be caused by a variety of factors. The most common ones include:

  • Speed: traveling at excessive speeds
  • Alcohol: almost half of all fatal rollover crashes involve alcohol
  • Routine driving: drivers can become too complacent when performing routine driving tasks which causes them to not pay as much attention as they should
  • Distracted driving: driver behavior such as not paying attention, texting and driving, eating, and applying makeup has been found to significantly increase the risk of a rollover accident

Anyone who was involved in a rollover accident that was caused by a driver who was potentially impaired by drugs or alcohol, who was distracted, or otherwise not operating a vehicle as they should, may have a personal injury case. A Savannah rollover car accident lawyer can assess the circumstances surrounding the accident to determine whether someone has a viable case.

The Statute of Limitations in Savannah

If a rollover accident was recent, it is likely that any victims are focused on their medical care and recovery. While this is important, it is also important to keep in mind that the Georgia statute of limitations for personal injury civil claims is two years from the date of the accident. This means a claim must be filed before this deadline as per Georgia Code Section 9-3-33. If a case is filed after the two-year deadline, the court can throw it out.

A Savannah rollover car accident lawyer can help by communicating with the other parties involved, including insurance companies and medical billing offices. This can allow for the person to focus on their physical and emotional well-being. An attorney can explain what damages they may be able to see compensation for, including medical bills, lost wages, and physical pain and suffering. Then the attorney can go to work constructing a solid case for any claims to be based on.

How a Savannah Rollover Car Accident Lawyer Could Help

Call a dedicated Savannah rollover car accident lawyer today and let them go to work for you. Be prepared to tell them about your rollover accident, your injuries, and any other ways in which this accident has affected all aspects of your life.

A compassionate attorney knows how difficult life can be after a car accident and could do everything they can to seek justice for you. The sooner they get started on your case, the sooner you can potentially be compensated for your injuries and other damages. Call today to get started.

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