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Savannah Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

If you have a loved one who lives in a nursing home, you know how important it is to make sure they are treated as they should be. Unfortunately, as an experienced personal injury attorney can tell you, some nursing homes, along with their staff, do not respect the rights of the elderly entrusted to their care. If you or your loved one experienced abuse at a nursing home, contact a Savannah nursing home abuse lawyer to learn how they can help.

What Counts as Nursing Home Abuse?

Anyone who has suffered at the hands of nursing home staff should contact a Savannah nursing home abuse lawyer to find out whether they have a case. What many people may not understand is that abuse in a nursing home can entail much more than physical abuse.

For instance, if a resident is not offered at least three meals per day or is not allowed to shut their door to maintain privacy, this may be considered abuse. If a resident is being treated differently due to their race or religion or if they cannot control who takes care of their finances, they may have a case for nursing home abuse.

Notification of Rights

Georgia is one state that goes above and beyond the federal mandates when it comes to nursing home abuse laws. In an effort to circumvent abuse to the disabled and elderly in their nursing homes, Georgia law requires that all regulations be discussed with the resident and family when the resident moves into the nursing home. For their protection, residents and their families should have a solid understanding of the nursing home laws prior to entering a nursing home.

Rights of Nursing Home Residents

As per Georgia Code Section 31-8-108, nursing home residents have certain rights that need to be maintained by nursing home staff. These rights include:

  • Right to Non-discrimination
  • Right to Privacy
  • Right to Freedom of Choice
  • Right to Proper Nutrition
  • Right to Freedom from Restraints

If any of these rights are not upheld, the resident may be entitled to have a civil claim for abuse. A Savannah nursing home abuse lawyer could review the circumstances with a resident and their family to help them understand their options if they are concerned about the mistreatment of a family member in a nursing home.

Consulting a Savannah Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Upon learning that a family member has suffered abuse at the hands of staff at the nursing home that you trusted to take care of them, you may be extremely upset. You and your family member may feel betrayed and taken advantage of. These are normal feelings under the circumstances, yet you do not have to put up with or accept the abuse and mistreatment.

You can take action about what has happened by contacting a Savannah nursing home abuse lawyer. An attorney has the knowledge and experience to help your family overcome the abuse that has occurred. Call today to get started on your case review.

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