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Savannah Defective Products Lawyer

Consumers rely on countless products every day. Those consumers also rely on the manufacturer to produce a safe, effective product free of defects. Too often, however, manufacturers fail to create products that are safe for normal use. When that happens, consumers’ health and safety are at risk.

You may have heard about recent vehicle recalls where the automakers discovered serious defects in their products, which could harm drivers and passengers. This is just one example of an untold number of defective products that could cause serious injury or death to consumers.

If you suffered an injury after using a defective product, you could be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. To find out whether you are eligible to file a legal claim, speak with a Savannah defective products lawyer. An adept personal injury attorney could advocate for you.

Types of Defective Products

There are three types of product defects that could lead to a lawsuit:

  • Manufacturing defect
  • Design defect
  • Failure to provide warning about the proper use of the product

Whether an injured consumer can sue a manufacturer often depends on the type of product defect involved, and how they sustained their injury. A Savannah defective products lawyer could examine the facts of an individual’s case and determine whether they have enough to move forward with a claim.

Manufacturing Defects

A manufacturing defect refers to an error during the manufacturing process that caused the product to become unsafe. For example, if a mistake during production caused a batch of allergy medicine to become tainted, that would be a manufacturing defect.

If the manufacturer put the tainted medication to market and a consumer got sick after taking it, the medication maker could be liable for the harm the individual suffered. Since the injury would not have occurred if the manufacturing mistake had not occurred, the product maker is liable for any resulting injuries.

Design Defects

Unlike a manufacturing defect, a design defect does not occur during production of the consumer good. Rather, this kind of defect is an error made during the design process that creates a dangerous flaw in the resulting product.

An example of a design defect is a poorly designed floor panel in a car that could prevent a driver from braking properly. The car was made according to a flawed plan, and the defect was not caused by a production mistake. If a design defect renders a product unreasonably dangerous, the manufacturer could be liable for any injuries a consumer sustains after using the product.

Failure to Warn

Manufacturers are not only responsible for designing safe products and implementing safe manufacturing procedures, they are also responsible for discovering risks associated with using their products and warning the end-user of those risks.

Typically, manufacturers undertake rigorous product testing to ensure their goods are not unnecessarily dangerous when used properly. If the manufacturer discovers a user risk during testing, they must warn consumers about the potential danger.

This is commonly seen on medication labels where drug makers list possible side effects. When a manufacturer fails to warn a consumer about the dangers associating with using their products, and the consumer suffers injury because of that negligence, the victim can sue.

How a Savannah Defective Products Lawyer Can Help

If you suffered harm after using a defective product, you could be entitled to financial compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. An experienced attorney could examine the facts of your case and determine whether you can file a lawsuit.

If you have a legal claim, an experienced attorney can then fight for the compensation you may be owed. Call a Savannah defective products lawyer now to learn more.

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