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Sandy Springs Wrongful Death Lawyer

If you have lost a loved due to the negligence of another person or entity, you could have a right to compensation. While legal battles may be the last thing on your mind, a settlement could help you maintain financial security and recover from your loss. If your loss is due to the careless actions of another, that person or entity could be held accountable.

A compassionate Sandy Springs wrongful death lawyer could help you determine whether you are entitled to bring a wrongful death action. In doing so, a thorough personal injury attorney could help evaluate what types of damages you may be able to seek in that action.

Who Is Entitled to Bring a Wrongful Death Action?

While a wrongful death could be tragic for an entire family, only certain groups are eligible to bring claims. Under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 51-4-2, the following individuals could be able to bring a wrongful death action:

  • Spouse;
  • Children; and
  • Administrator/executor.

The surviving spouse of the deceased has the initial right to bring the claim. Children of the deceased may only bring the claim if there is no surviving spouse to bring it. An administrator or executor may only bring the claim if there are no surviving spouse or children to bring the claim.

This action is designed to allow recovery for the full value of the life of the deceased. A separate action could be brought to recover damages for the estate of the deceased.

Determining who is eligible to bring a claim for a wrongful death could be challenging. A Sandy Springs wrongful death lawyer could assist surviving family members with these important aspects of their case. Be it a car accident case, a dangerous drug case, or any other personal injury, an attorney could help.

Damages for Sandy Springs Families

In Georgia, there are two types of claims which could be pursued. These are the wrongful death claim and the estate claim. A thorough suit will typically cover both types of claims. A wrongful death attorney in Sandy Springs could provide more guidance on each type of claim and the items which may be recovered.

Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful death claims are meant to recover damages for the full value of the life of the deceased. This is the claim designed to assign a monetary value to the life of the deceased. This includes financial losses such as the person’s earnings as well as intangible losses such as the loss of companionship and care. This covers the past losses as well as losses that would cover the person’s entire life had they not died.

Estate Claims

The estate claim is intended to address the losses suffered by the estate in the aftermath of the incident. This includes damages for the medical expenses that accrued as well as the pain and suffering the deceased endured from the time of injury to the time of death. Funeral expenses may also be recovered.

Work with a Sandy Springs Wrongful Death Attorney

Wrongful death cases in Sandy Springs can be complicated. Regardless of how the death was caused, when it is the result of another person or entity’s negligence, a compassionate Sandy Springs wrongful death lawyer could help.

A practiced attorney could answer all of your questions about who can bring the claim, what may be recovered, and how to proceed with the action in court. To get answers to your questions, call today.

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