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Sandy Springs Rollover Car Accident Lawyer

Whether caused by an overly sharp turn, overcorrecting, or a collision with another driver, the injuries that a person can sustain in a rollover accident may be severe. A Sandy Springs rollover car accident lawyer can be instrumental in helping you if you or a loved one suffered injuries due to a wreck caused by the negligence of another.

Rollover accidents may involve multiple vehicles or single vehicles. They also can result in catastrophic injuries that may be life-altering or even fatal. By consulting a knowledgeable Sandy Springs rollover car accident lawyer, you may be able to recover compensation from those whose negligence led to your injuries.

Negligence and Rollover Car Accidents

In many cases, the negligent, careless, or reckless behavior of a driver causes rollover accidents. Establishing proof of negligence is typically necessary to hold the responsible party liable for an accident that lead to bodily injuries. The standard of proof for negligence depends on how a reasonable person would have acted in the same situation.

Drivers must drive safely and follow traffic rules. When they fail to meet this duty, they may be negligent and thus liable for the aftermath of any accident they cause. Liability in a personal injury claim results in financial responsibility for the damages stemming from an accident.

Aside from the driver, other parties may be liable for rollover car accidents as well. Vehicle manufacturers may share liability if a defect in a vehicle causes it to be prone to rollover. Likewise, the employer of a driver might share in liability if it negligently hired an untrained or inexperienced employee.

Damages in Car Wreck Claims

Personal injury claims can involve various types of damages. Some of the potential damages a person may be compensated for include:

  • Medical expenses, hospital bills, and rehabilitation costs;
  • Loss of income and loss of future income if permanently unable to work;
  • Costs of home health care, modifications to homes and vehicles to accommodate disabilities, and durable medical equipment; and
  • Physical pain and suffering, as well as mental trauma from being involved in a catastrophic accident.

Family members who depended on the injured individual for financial support, spousal companionship, and parental guidance also may be able to seek damages for their losses when their loved one is severely injured. A rollover car accident attorney in Sandy Springs could help bring a claim for compensation.

The Statute of Limitations in Sandy Springs

O.C.G.A. § 9-3-33 establishes a strict statute of limitations that governs many personal injury claims. Generally, injured individuals only have two years to file their claims against all potentially negligent parties, expect loss of consortium claims, which are subject to a four-year statute of limitations.

Failing to meet the applicable statute of limitations is likely to result in an inability to pursue any claims related to damages arising from the accident at issue. While two years may seem like ample time to file a personal injury claim, a person always should pursue their claim as quickly as possible to preserve essential evidence and get the claims process started. A rollover car accident lawyer in Sandy Springs can help meet the relevant statute of limitations and any other legal restrictions.

Call a Sandy Springs Rollover Car Accident Lawyer Today

Rollover accidents can lead to severe and continuing injuries. In some cases, the damage may be permanent and change your life. Therefore, it is important to reach out to a Sandy Springs rollover car accident lawyer for advice. Call today to discuss your options.

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