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Sandy Springs Overweight Truck Accident Lawyer

The risk associated with a truck crash increases substantially when that commercial vehicle is overweight. There are safety standards related to the amount of cargo these trucks can carry, and violating them can be hazardous to anyone on the road.

If you or a loved one sustained a serious injury in a collision with an overweight truck, you could be eligible for financial compensation. With the guidance of a practiced truck collision attorney, you could file a civil lawsuit and seek damages against the truck operator or owner. You have legal rights when you share the road with a commercial vehicle. To protect those rights, contact a Sandy Springs overweight truck accident lawyer right away.

Risks Associated with Overweight Loads

Federal safety standards set a maximum weight for commercial vehicles due to valid safety concerns. When a truck carries too much weight, it is prone to being unstable or top-heavy. When trucks do not evenly distribute weight, it can result in shifting cargo that eventually results in a crash.

Overweight trucks are also far less maneuverable. While commercial trucks are notoriously slow to come to a stop, overweight trucks require even more room to come to a halt. Because of this, overweight trucks routinely rear-end drivers in front of them.

The weight of a commercial truck can also cause significantly more damage in a collision. As the mass of a commercial truck increases, the damage it causes to another vehicle or its occupant increases. A Sandy Springs overweight truck crash attorney could help a person recover compensation for the damage an overweight truck causes.

Weight Requirements in Sandy Springs

Both the federal government and the State of Georgia have their own weight requirements for commercial vehicles. A Sandy Springs lawyer handling a truck accident case could provide guidance on both sets of requirements.

Federal Weight Requirements

The maximum weight of a commercial vehicle depends, in part, on the features of the truck. The more weight a truck is built to carry, the more weight it is authorized to hold. However, trucks must have the braking system, power train, and other features necessary to haul the load safely.

For most commercial vehicles, the weight limit is 80,000 pounds. There are also regulations regarding how these loads are packed and carried. Compliance with these rules is an important part of highway safety. To ensure compliance, federal law also mandates truck operators keep thorough notes and logs documenting their vehicle’s weight and the safety measures the driver took to ensure the weight is properly distributed.

State Requirements

Georgia has also adopted regulations regarding overweight trucks. Unfortunately, the fines associated with state law are minuscule. In many cases, truck drivers and their owners simply pay the fine as opposed to paying the costs associated with traveling with a safer load. Call a seasoned lawyer for more information about truck weight requirements and how a could help an injured victim recover damages.

Call a Sandy Springs Overweight Truck Accident Lawyer

Due to the enormous size disparity, a collision between an overweight truck and a passenger vehicle can have catastrophic repercussions. However, with a strong legal advocate on your side, you could hold the person or entity that caused the overweight truck accident responsible.

Your best opportunity for recovering the damages you deserve is with the help of a Sandy Springs overweight truck accident lawyer. To discuss your options, call to schedule a free consultation.

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