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Sandy Springs Jackknife Truck Accident Lawyer

There are many ways in which a commercial truck can cause serious crashes on Sandy Springs roads or highways. One of the most dangerous types of accidents occurs when a truck jackknifes. These accidents typically result from a large truck losing control and often ends up with the vehicle rolling over. The damages from these collisions could be significant. When a truck loses control, anyone in the vicinity could be at risk.

If you or a loved one was injured due to a jackknife truck crash, a skilled truck collision attorney could help you recover monetary compensation for your injuries. If a truck operator or other entity is responsible for your injuries, a Sandy Springs jackknife truck accident lawyer could hold them accountable through a civil lawsuit.

Jackknifing Defined

A jackknife accident involves a tractor-trailer turning in a manner that causes the rig to go in one direction, while the trailer goes a different way. These accidents get their name from the resemblance a jackknifing truck has to a foldable blade. In many cases, these trailers will result in the 18-wheeler losing control and tipping over.

There are several potential causes of these accidents. Weather can play a big role, as wet pavement can make it easy for a truck to go sideways. Careless or reckless operation of a truck is another common cause, as traveling at high speeds increases the risk of a jackknife accident.

Identifying the cause of a jackknife truck accident can be challenging. In many cases, the truck and any vehicles it hits do not survive the accident. This destruction can make recovering physical evidence related to the cause of the crash difficult. However, a skilled jackknife truck accident lawyer from Sandy Springs could use a combination of accident reconstruction, witnesses interviews, and police reports to identify the cause of the crash.

Responsible Parties in a Sandy Springs Accident

The blame for a jackknife truck accident commonly falls on the operator of the commercial vehicle. However, it is important for a Sandy Springs jackknife truck accident attorney to consider a crash from every angle. In some cases, there could be multiple at-fault parties that should be parties to a lawsuit.

Truck Operators

For the most part, these crashes typically relate to an action taken by the operator. Whether it is driving too fast for conditions or failing to keep a lookout, the number of ways a truck operator could be responsible for a jackknife accident are countless.

Trucking Companies

The owners of the vehicle and certain employees could also face liability. For starters, if the truck operator was working under the scope of their employment during the crash, the trucking company could be held liable. However, the company could also face liability for their own mistakes. If an employee or owner of the company negligently loaded the trailer in a way that made a jackknife crash more likely, they could be responsible for the costs from a crash.

Truck Manufacturers

Some jackknife accidents result from mechanical defects or failures. If a vehicle or one of its parts fails, the manufacturer could be on the hook for any expenses from a crash caused by the defect.

Call a Sandy Springs Jackknife Truck Accident Lawyer

Given the complexing of a jackknife truck crash, there are many benefits to working with a seasoned Sandy Springs jackknife truck accident lawyer. From investigating the scene to moving forward with litigation, an attorney can take a significant weight off your shoulders. If you believe it is the right time to pursue an injury lawsuit following a jackknife accident, do not hesitate to call.

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