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Sandy Springs Front-End Car Accident Lawyer

When you sustain injuries in a front-end car accident, you deserve compensation for the losses you suffered. However, determining fault in this type of crash is not always easy. A Sandy Springs front-end car accident lawyer can examine the chain of events that led to your collision and determine the validity of any personal injury claims you may have.

An experienced Sandy Springs front-end car accident lawyer could evaluate your situation and work to build a personal injury claim against all potentially negligent parties. With their help, you can recover the compensation you are entitled to.

Front-End Collisions in Sandy Springs

The results of head-on collisions can be catastrophic. Especially for drivers and front-seat passengers, the risk of severe and even fatal injury is high. When two vehicles travel toward one another, the impact of the crash can be devastating.

Some front-end collisions arise from drivers trying to pass other vehicles on winding, narrow, two-lane highways. Others may occur when drivers take turns too sharply or overcorrect into oncoming traffic when they travel off the side of the roadway. Impairment, texting while driving, and other traffic violations can lead to these accidents as well.

If a driver negligently causes collision that causes damages to others, they may be responsible for the costs of those damages. A front-end car accident lawyer in Sandy Springs can be vital in pursuing an injury claim. Through a claim, an individual may be able to recover the compensation they deserve from the responsible parties.

Measuring Negligence in Head-On Car Accidents

All drivers have a legal duty to follow the law and drive in a reasonably safe manner. Those who violate traffic laws or are otherwise careless in causing accidents may be civilly liable for the damages that result. If a reasonable person would have acted differently than a driver did in the same or a similar situation, they may be negligent under state law.

In some cases, a person who is injured in a front-end car accident may be partially at fault for the accident that led to their injuries. Under Georgia law, they still may be able to seek damages from other negligent parties under some circumstances. If they are less than 50 percent at fault for the accident, they still can pursue compensation from other parties.

However, the recovery of damages in comparative negligence cases is limited. The percentage of fault that a person bears for the accident will be the same percentage by which their total available damages will decrease.

Time Limits on Accident Claims

O.C.G.A. § 9-3-33 places a stringent deadline on filing personal injury claims. Although there are a few exceptions, an individual generally has only two years from the date of the accident to submit their an injury claim. Failure to do so can invalidate a claim.

Due to this statute of limitations, a person should consult a front-end car accident attorney in Sandy Springs as soon as they are able after an accident. Otherwise, they run the risk of being unable to pursue their claim altogether.

Call a Sandy Springs Front-End Car Accident Lawyer for Help

When you or a loved one are severely injured in a front-end car accident, you likely will have many questions about your rights to compensation and the injury claims process. A Sandy Springs front-end car accident lawyer can address your concerns and answer your questions so that you have a clear understanding of your claim. Call today for a consultation to get started on your claim.

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