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Roswell Side-Impact Truck Accident Lawyer

Side-impact truck accidents, also known as T-bone collisions, frequently occur when a truck driver fails to yield or stop in time and crashes into the side of another vehicle. Incorrect turns and defective braking systems may also cause serious side-impact collisions. In any case, whenever a commercial truck collides with a motor vehicle, there is a considerable risk that the other driver and passengers may be severely injured. A Roswell side-impact truck accident lawyer could zealously protect your legal rights if you have been injured in a recent wreck.

In order to fight for the compensation you deserve and hold the liable parties responsible for their negligence, you need a seasoned truck collision attorney who could work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure justice is served in your case.

Common Injuries Sustained by Victims

Motorists who are involved in a side-impact crash with a tractor-trailer are likely to suffer grave and significant injuries. Side-impact truck crash injuries may include paralysis, severe burns, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, internal bleeding, and scarring. Other injuries associated with these types of incidents are neck injuries, shoulder injuries, broken or fractured bones, and disfigurement.

Negligence in a Side-Impact Truck Wreck Claim

Multiple parties may be negligent in a side-impact truck accident claim, including, but not limited to, the truck driver, the truck maintenance company, the truck company, and/or the truck manufacturer. To achieve compensation in a side-impact truck wreck, the plaintiff must prove that the at-fault party was negligent and that their negligence was responsible for the claimant’s injuries and damages.

In some cases, however, both the at-fault party and the claimant may be found negligent for the truck collision. If this happens, the state’s comparative negligence rule found under O.C.G.A. § 51-12-33 would apply. The comparative negligence rule states that a claimant may be found partially responsible for what happened and still collect compensation, as long as their proportion of negligence is not 50 percent or higher.

Compensation Available for People Hurt

A Roswell lawyer could help side-impact truck accident victims obtain monetary compensation for their rehabilitation costs, medical bills, wage loss, hospital bills, and other expenses associated with their injury and recovery. Other recoverable losses may include the victim’s pain, suffering, mental anguish, scarring, disfigurement, and loss of life’s pleasures.

Lawsuit Filing Deadline

Individuals injured in a side-impact truck crash have just two years from the date of the wreck to file a lawsuit for damages (see O.C.G.A. § 9-3-33). If a side impact truck collision victim is interested in filing a claim for damages, it may be prudent to retain a Roswell side-impact truck collision lawyer as soon as possible. If a lawsuit is not filed within two years of the accident date, the injured victim will be unable to file for compensation.

Get Help from a Roswell Side-Impact Truck Accident Lawyer

A Roswell side-impact truck accident lawyer could protect your legal interests if you have suffered injuries because of a negligent truck driver. An attorney could evaluate your case and advise whether you may have a well-founded claim to secure damages. If you believe you have a sound case for compensation after a serious truck wreck, you should talk with a skilled attorney to discuss your potential claim further.

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