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Roswell Negligent Security Lawyer

As a guest or tenant, you put trust in the hands of the property owner or management company that you will enter, stay, and leave the property safe. Sadly, property owners and managers sometimes fail to keep guests from harm.

This is especially upsetting when better security could have prevented the incident. If you or a loved one was hurt because of criminal activity while you were a guest on another’s property, a Roswell negligent security lawyer could help you seek compensation for your injuries. A dedicated injury lawyer can bring a claim on your behalf and advocate for your rights throughout the process.

Basics of a Negligent Security Claim

In Georgia, property owners have a duty to protect guests from foreseeable third-party criminal acts under certain conditions. If appropriate security measures would have prevented the incident, and a guest suffers injury because the property owner’s failure to provide adequate security, the owner may be held liable for negligent security. However, in order to hold a property owner liable for negligent security, the criminal act must have been foreseeable, or reasonably expected by the property owner. There are several ways an action may be deemed foreseeable.

The property location and neighborhood indicates how cognizant the owner should be about criminal acts on the premises. The affluence or poverty of the surrounding area and crime known to happen on-premises or nearby can help prove that an owner should have been more diligent about security measures. For example, the owner of an apartment building in an area with high crime rates should take extra precautions to prevent crime on the property. This can include installing metal bars on windows and hiring security. Relatedly, if other similar criminal acts have taken place on the premises, the owner should be on notice that it could happen again.

Additionally, a situation on the premises can alert the business owner that criminal activity is about to occur. For example, if a patron at a restaurant is screaming and threatening another restaurant patron, the restaurant should take steps to defuse the situation. This can include asking a security guard to intervene or failing to have the person making threats removed. A Roswell negligent security attorney can thoroughly examine the circumstances surrounding an injury to determine whether a property owner was negligent.

Examples of Landowner Failure in Roswell

Certain lapses in safety can result in a negligent security claim against a property owner in Roswell. Examples of inadequate security can include the following:

  • Lack of security equipment such as cameras, motion sensors, locks, or lighting;
  • Failure to provide security personnel;
  • Improperly trained or hired security personnel;
  • Inadequate lighting; and
  • Broken or poorly maintained doors, gates, fences, or windows.

Schedule a Consultation with a Roswell Negligent Security Lawyer

An attack, a theft, or robbery can you leave you shaken. Violation of your personal security is serious. The party responsible for the incident should answer for their carelessness.

A lawyer could appraise your case and lay out the options for pursuing compensation. Reach out to a Roswell negligent security lawyer today to get started on your case. Call today for a free consultation.

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