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Roswell Jackknife Truck Accident Lawyer

A collision between a traditional motor vehicle and a commercial truck has the significant potential to inflict disastrous and debilitating injuries. Individuals who are horribly injured due to a collision with a tractor-trailer may be able to secure legal recovery with the aid of a skilled Roswell jackknife truck accident lawyer.

Truck crashes are unique in the sense that there are often numerous parties who may be held liable for the victim’s injuries and damages. Accordingly, a seasoned truck accident attorney could pursue all sources of recovery available to compensate the injured party for the harm they have endured.

How Jackknife Truck Collisions Occur

While jackknife truck accidents may occur for any number of reasons, often, one or more party’s negligence is to blame. Large semi-trucks feature three, individual braking systems that control the steering and wheels. If a driver brakes too quickly or is driving at excessive speeds and is forced to lock the truck’s brakes suddenly, the driver could easily lose control of the vehicle, which would cause the truck to jackknife. However, if one or more of the components are to blame for a sudden lock-up that results in a jackknife, manufacturers could be looked at to determine if there was a degree of responsibility shared by them.

More conventionally, a truck driver operating a tractor-trailer while overly fatigued, drunk, or under the influence of drugs may cause a serious jackknife crash.

Sometimes, the cause of the crash may not be due solely to driver error. Overloading the truck with cargo exceeding its legal weight limit as well as defective truck parts can also lead to jackknife collisions. An attorney in Roswell could investigate a jackknife crash to determine whether the truck driver, as well as any other parties such as the trucking company or the manufacturer that may be held liable for your or your loved one’s injuries.

Comparative Fault

The legal doctrine of comparative fault would impact the amount of compensation a plaintiff could recover in a jackknife truck accident case if the court finds that they were partly responsible for the crash. O.C.G.A. § 51-12-33 states that a plaintiff’s compensation may be reduced based on their percentage of liability for the accident.

For example, if the injured party is 20 percent at fault, their total recoverable damages would be diminished by 20 percent. If the plaintiff is more than 49 percent at fault, the law says that they would be barred from any compensation at all.

Injuries Frequently Sustained

The injuries sustained in a jackknife truck crash have the potential to be drastic and long-lasting, including physical losses such as broken and fractured bones, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Victims may also suffer organ damage, lacerations, burns, and contusions.

The cost of treating serious truck collision injuries could inflict an extreme financial burden on the victim. Fortunately, a jackknife truck collision lawyer in Roswell would fight to see that you are compensated for the full measure of your financial and physical harm.

Forms of Available Compensation

A diverse array of compensation may be achieved in a successful lawsuit or settlement, including the following types of damages:

  • Hospital bills;
  • Ambulance bills;
  • Treatment and therapy bills;
  • Lost earnings;
  • Property damage;
  • Future wage loss;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Disfigurement.

Other damages such as mental distress and emotional anguish may also be obtainable. If the defendant’s behavior that led to the accident is determined to have been particularly egregious or wanton, the court could include punitive damages in the plaintiff’s award of compensation.

Deadline to File a Claim

As stated in O.C.G.A. § 9-3-33, personal injury plaintiffs have just two years to file a claim, starting from the date they are injured. If the victim does not retain counsel and file suit by the end of two years, they may lose their right to have their case heard in court and therefore be deprived of financial recovery.

Hire a Roswell Jackknife Truck Accident Lawyer

If you were hurt in a recent jackknife truck crash, finding an attorney who could protect your rights and assert a strong claim for the compensation you deserve is vital. A Roswell jackknife truck accident lawyer works hard to establish liability in your case and seek maximum compensatory damages from the at-fault party or parties.

Set up your confidential case consultation when you call the office today.

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