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Roswell Burn Injury Lawyer

A Roswell burn injury lawyer understands the challenges you may face in the aftermath of a terrible accident. In the wake of a burn injury, you could be left facing mounting medical expenses, lost wages, and other financial strains.

A well-versed injury attorney with experience advocating for burn injury victims could communicate with insurance companies on your behalf. They could work to help you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

Types of Burns

Medically speaking, burn injuries fall into three main categories, first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree burns. First-degree burns only cause damage to the outermost skin layer.

Second-degree burns, on the other hand impact both the outer and secondary layers of skin, causing blisters and pain. These burns may also result in permanent scarring.

Finally, third-degree burns are the most serious injuries, impacting the fat layer underneath the outer and secondary skin layers. Third-degree burns are characterized by charred skin and may cause nerve damage and numbness. A person with a third-degree burn injury could have breathing troubles and suffer from carbon monoxide or smoke inhalation.

There may also be ongoing and serious complications, including infections, bone pain, joint pain, and movement impediments. Scarring and chronic pain are also complications commonly associated with severe burn injuries.

How These Injuries Occur

Someone may suffer a burn injury in a variety of circumstances, but the following are among the most common ways these injuries may occur:

  • Chemical spills;
  • Motor vehicle accidents;
  • Electrical fires;
  • Arson;
  • Construction incidents;
  • Fires due to defective products; and
  • Smoke detectors or fire alarms that are defective or carelessly installed.

When a person’s burn injuries could have been avoidable if not for the negligence of another, a Roswell lawyer could help seek compensation.

Collecting Damages

Generally, compensation in personal injury cases falls into three main categories, economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages. Economic damages include:

  • Lost income;
  • Hospital bills;
  • Ambulance bills;
  • Rehabilitation expenses;
  • Prescription costs; and
  • Doctor visits.

Non-economic damages refer to intangible losses such as pain and suffering, mental distress, and emotional anguish. Loss of life enjoyment, disfigurement, and loss of consortium (or spousal companionship) are also common types of non-economic damages that may be recovered.

Finally, punitive damages are typically only awarded in rare cases where the actions of the defendant were considered egregious or grossly negligent misconduct. Punitive damages punish the liable party or parties and indicate that others should abstain from similar future actions.

Statute of Limitations in Roswell Cases

Georgia Code § 9-3-33 states that plaintiffs in burn injury cases have two years from the injury date to file a civil lawsuit seeking financial recovery. If an injured party does not file within two years of the accident, they may be unable to collect damages for their losses.

Reach Out to a Roswell Burn Injury Lawyer

It is crucial to enlist the aid of an experienced Roswell burn injury lawyer if you believe your burns were caused by someone’s negligent behavior. An attorney could review the factors that lead to your injury and advise you of your options. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.

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