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Roswell Bicycle Accident Lawyer

In Roswell, bicyclists have just as much a right to be on the road as cars and other motor vehicles. However, motorists may fail to remember or acknowledge this, potentially leading to serious injuries. If you were injured recently in a bicycle crash, a Roswell bicycle accident lawyer could help you understand the laws and how they would apply to your case.

An experienced injury attorney could work to bring a claim on your behalf. With their help, you could get the financial recovery you need to move forward with your life.

Liability in Roswell Bicycle Accidents

Some bicycle crashes could be fatal, especially if the accident occurred while the driver who struck the cyclist was traveling at high speeds. Bike accidents may happen due to the negligence or carelessness of a motorist, such as:

  • Passing too closely
  • Not providing cyclists sufficient room on the road
  • Not paying attention to the cyclist or failing to acknowledge their rights to share the road with other motorists
  • Turning into the path of the cyclist or failing to yield when the cyclist enters the road
  • Opening the car door without looking and hit the cyclist
  • Hitting the cyclist while driving under the influence or drunk

Some drivers may try to pin the blame on the cyclist for the crash or deny fault. However, even if a cyclist is partially at fault for a crash, O.C.G.A. §51-12-33 still permits injured bicyclists to recover damages. Under this statute, a bicyclist who is partly at fault for their injuries may still receive compensation, provided they are 49 percent or less to blame. However, the injured party’s award would be reduced proportionately to their percentage of fault. A bicycle collision lawyer in Roswell could help bring a claim to hold a negligent party accountable.

Injuries and Compensation

Since cars and other kinds of motor vehicles are so much larger and heavier than bicycles, a cyclist’s injuries may be very serious, even at low speeds. Injuries such as dislocated joints, broken bones, bruises, road rash, and lacerations are common in bicycle crashes. Other injuries could include spinal cord injuries, nerve damages, neck injuries, brain injuries, and concussions.

A Roswell attorney could help an injured bicyclist recover both economic and noneconomic damages in a personal injury lawsuit. Compensation may include economic damages for medical expenses, lost earnings, loss of earning capacity, and property damage. Non-economic damages could cover pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium. In rare cases, punitive damages may also be awarded to punish the defendant for egregious wrongdoing.

Seek Guidance from a Roswell Bicycle Accident Lawyer

When you are hurt in a bike wreck and the other driver is to blame, it is wise to learn more about your options for financial recovery as soon as possible. An attorney with a thorough knowledge of the applicable laws in Roswell could ensure you understand your legal rights and pursue just compensation on your behalf. Contact a Roswell bicycle accident lawyer now to schedule a no-obligation case consultation.

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