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Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. Because of this, we have created this policy so that you can be aware of how we handle your personal information. Below is listed the terms of our privacy policy:

  • We will notify of the reasons why personal information is being collected before or during the collection.
  • We will only collect and use personal information for those identified reasons and for other compatible reasons unless given consent from the individual or as required by law.
  • We will only keep personal information until those reasons are fulfilled.
  • We collect personal information by lawful and fair method, and when necessary, with the consent or knowledge from the individual in question.
  • In regards to personal data, it should be accurate, updated, and include all elements necessary for it to be used for relevant purposes.
  • Personal information and data will be protected by us through reasonable safeguards against loss or theft, unauthorized access, revealment, copying, use, or tampering.
  • Information about our privacy policy and handling of personal information and data will be accessible to our customers.

As a business, we are steadfast in standing by this policy so that your information is safe and maintained.

Cookie Policy

We use 3rd party services that may store “cookies” on your computer. Cookies are data that are stored when you browse on our site. They are used so that our site and other services can recognize your preferences so that your web experience is tailored to you.

Some of the information collected in this data may include:

  • Your Internet Protocol (IP) address,
  • The date and time you visited our site, and
  • What pages on our site that you visited.

We track this information for useful data to determine how our site is used and how useful it is. You can alter your browser settings to notify when sites are giving cookies or to refuse to receive it.

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