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Marietta Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), you may have seen significant changes in your quality of life. Between pain and suffering, medical bills, and rehab and doctor’s appointments, your brain injury may have consumed your day to day activities.

While TBIs could cause decreased quality and enjoyment of life and a loss of wages for years to come as medical bills pile up, you can take some of your life back by hiring a Marietta traumatic brain injury lawyer. An experienced catastrophic injury attorney who knows how to build an effective case could work to ensure you have the best chances of being compensated for how much your life has changed.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is trauma caused to the brain by some kind of bump, blow, knock, or penetrating impact, as defined in the Official Code of Georgia §37-3-1. Seniors and children are typically at an increased risk for TBIs compared to healthy adults.

TBIs could be caused by several different situations, which may include:

  • Birth, though these are known as Acquired Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Sports-related impacts
  • Assaults and other types of violence
  • Falling
  • Motor vehicle crashes

As stated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), one-third of all injury-related deaths could be attributed to a TBI. Even when death does not occur, an injury may cause physical, emotional, social, vocational, and intellectual changes. If such an injury stems from someone else’s negligent actions, an injured person may have the right to seek compensation for all these different types of negative changes with the help of a traumatic brain injury lawyer in Marietta.

How an Attorney Could Help

A Marietta traumatic injury lawyer could investigate and pinpoint the factors that led up to a traumatic brain injury and could figure out which parties originally contributed to the injury occurring. In the event of a car or truck accident, this could include the other driver or the company that was employing them at the time of the wreck. Conversely, a slip and fall could be the fault of the owner of the property, and a birth injury may be attributable to a physician and/or other medical professionals.

After identifying all potential defendants, a skilled attorney could work to find out what specific kinds of compensation a plaintiff may be eligible to pursue, and from what sources. To understand—and help other parties understand—how serious and life-changing these injuries may be, we may utilize medical experts and life-care planners to help estimate the costs of a TBI over an accident victim’s lifetime.

Speak with a Marietta Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

You deserve complete and accurate legal representation after suffering a traumatic brain injury, which is our goal for every potential plaintiff who places their trust in us. Armed with an understanding of Georgia personal injury laws and determination to fight for every cent of compensation to which you may be entitled, we could stand with you during this difficult period of life.

To find out what your case may be worth, call a compassionate Marietta traumatic brain injury lawyer today. They may be able to help ease some of the stress you and other members of your family may be dealing with.

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