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Marietta Side-Impact Car Accident Lawyer

The Department of Public Health has stated that over 80,000 angled impact crashes happen annually in Georgia. A side-impact accident, which is commonly referred to as a t-bone collision, may occur due to various reasons which may stem from the actions of a negligent driver. These actions may include running a stop sign or red light.

Passengers involved in side-impact crashes may be likely to suffer devastating injuries due to the force of impact often involved in such incidents. Negligent drivers responsible for such injuries and damages may be held liable in civil court or in private settlements.

A committed Marietta side-impact car accident lawyer could assist you with pursuing the maximum potential compensation you may be entitled to in such cases. While you recuperate from your debilitating injuries, your skilled car collision attorney could work to ensure you may also recover financially.

Filing a Lawsuit against a Negligent Driver

If someone is injured in a side-impact car accident that another motorist caused, the plaintiff—or a side-impact car accident lawyer in Marietta working on their behalf—could file a case demanding compensation for injuries caused. To successfully recover damages, the plaintiff must show that the defendant displayed legal negligence by proving that:

  • The defendant had a responsibility towards the injured victim
  • The defendant did not fulfill their duty of care
  • The breach of duty directed resulted in physical injury to the victim

Under Georgia law, drivers have entrusted the duty of providing reasonable care. The law may stipulate that the driver must do what any other average driver would do in a similar situation. All drivers may have this legal duty of care toward every individual around them.

If the defendant in a side-impact accident case was distracted or aggressive when driving, their behavior could be considered a breach of duty. If this kind of conduct led to an accident through which another individual suffered injury, the driver could be held liable as per Georgia law.

Negligence Per Se

In some instances, a side-impact crash victim might seek damages based on negligence per se. Under this concept, someone may be assumed negligent in a civil case if they are charged with a traffic or criminal offense directly following an accident. If a driver was issued a ticket for disobeying a stop sign after being involved in a side-impact car accident, they could potentially be held as negligent per se in civil court.

Damages from a Negligent Driver

When an accident plaintiff manages to win a lawsuit against a negligent driver, the defendant might have to shell out substantive compensatory damages. This amount typically includes compensation for expenses such as medical costs, lost wages, damage to property, and physical therapy and rehabilitation costs.

The defendant may also need to recompense the plaintiff for emotional trauma, pain and suffering, and any other suffering from minor or catastrophic injuries. Defendants may also have to pay punitive damages if the court determines that they displayed willful or egregious misconduct. A Marietta side-impact car accident lawyer could go into greater detail about what kinds and amounts of damages may be available in a side-impact car accident lawyer case.

Talk to a Marietta Side-Impact Car Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in a side-impact collision that someone else caused, you deserve to be compensated for your expensive medical costs, loss of wages, and physical and emotional suffering. Talk to a dedicated Marietta side-impact car accident lawyer now to get started pursuing your claim for compensation in an effective and efficient way.

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