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Marietta Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Paralysis is a debilitating and potentially permanent condition that may have very visible effects and could lead to far-reaching impacts in nearly every area of a person’s life. On top of physical symptoms, paralysis may cause depression and other emotional and mental problems, and other health issues which may include skin breakdown and a greater risk for certain diseases. An injury could ruin a career and even negatively impact a person’s family life and relationships.

With so much at stake, you may need a Marietta paralysis injury lawyer on your side if you or a loved one recently suffered a paralysis injury. A skilled catastrophic injury attorney could work to not only understand all the losses and damages associated with your injury but also prove the extent of these damages to the person allegedly responsible for causing them, potentially helping increase the value of an ensuing financial award.

Types of Paralysis

Paralysis typically manifests as either paraplegia or quadriplegia. The former is paralysis of the legs and the latter is paralysis of all extremities. While the causes of both types of paralysis may be similar, the outcome might be quite different. Injuries that may cause paralysis could include car crashes, workplace accidents, and construction accidents.

No two paralysis cases are typically the same. An experienced Marietta paralysis injury lawyer could devote themselves to learning all they could about a plaintiff’s paralysis injuries and the circumstances that caused them. By doing this, they could confidently represent their case and work to increase their chances of a desirable outcome.

Injury Liability a Plaintiff May Have

As established in the Official Code of Georgia §51-11-7, the State of Georgia uses a modified comparative negligence system in order to assign fault when an accident occurs. An injured person may be entitled to compensation for their damages only if they were less than 50 percent at fault for the accident that harmed them. From there, the plaintiff’s recovery could be reduced by their own percentage of fault.

If someone who was texting while driving received a paralyzing injury from a car accident caused by another party failing to stop at a red light, the court might find the person to be 20 percent at fault and the other party who ran the red light to be 80 percent at fault. The plaintiff may then be entitled to recover for 80 percent of their damages.

If the jury found that the plaintiff was at fault for 50 percent or more of the accident, no compensation could be awarded based on their own fault. A paralysis injury attorney in Marietta could help determine how much liability an individual plaintiff might bear and work with him to minimize that amount in the eyes of the court overseeing their case.

Reach Out to a Marietta Paralysis Injury Lawyer

If someone else caused an accident or otherwise acted in a negligent manner that led to you or a loved one being paralyzed, you could call a Marietta paralysis injury lawyer. An attorney who specializes in paralysis injuries could work on your behalf to build a solid case around your claim, increasing the chances that you may receive a fair settlement or damage award.

Our legal team is standing by ready to help you recover for the losses you have suffered. Our goal is to make the claim process as simple and easy as possible so that you can focus on your health while we fight for you. Call today to learn more.

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